“I know your works, your labor, your patience…” Revelations 2:2


The letters to the seven churches, written in the book of revelations, have some phrases repeated all seven times. One of these words is ‘I KNOW. Here at the church in Ephesus, the angel of the Lord writes, I know the good works that you are doing. I know your qualities of patience and perseverance. What a comforting declaration! For those of you labouring painfully for the kingdom, bearing all the trials and opposition, a question that can pop into our minds frequently can be,  ‘Does anyone know or understand what I am going through?’ This verse tells us that the one who needs to know knows our pain. The God who has called us and chosen us for His kingdom work knows us so well and the struggles we face.


Are we able to trust that our master is the all-knowing God, who knows our suffering too?


Let us ask the Lord to fill us with this confidence that the greatest joy in serving him is to know that He knows.

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