Persecution Relief Daily Manna for the Persecuted, 29th January 2024


“and John departing from them returned to Jerusalem” Acts 13:13

Just a line here tells us that the young John Mark begins his missionary journey but soon turns back discouraged. So later, Paul refuses to give him a second chance. However, our Lord allows Mark to repent and come back. It was indeed a great turnaround because later, Paul, who had considered him a liability, said he was a precious asset to the ministry because there were twice as many missionaries now.
Jesus even used Mark to write the Gospel for Him! Jesus did not hold his failures against him. Seeing a faithful heart’s willingness to repent, Jesus gave him a second chance, and Mark came back better than before.
It was a mighty turnaround! When you repent of your early failures, Jesus gives you a second chance to become a mighty turnaround for His use!

Do you view your turning away as an end, or can it not be a turnaround in the hands of Jesus?

Let us pray that the Lord will mould us and make us worthy of His precious name.

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Shibu Thomas,

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