Persecution Relief Daily Manna for the Persecuted Church
24 February 2024


“Do not fear any of those things which you are about to suffer.…” Revelation 2:10


John’s excitement at Patmos, where he gets the vision of Christ in His glory, is a clear depiction of God’s presence when disciples suffer. It was through John that Jesus warned the Church at Smyrna to expect more persecution, which they should face without fear. Christians are not free from torment, but God has promised to keep them while they are in and through persecution. The Lord Jesus, who triumphed over death, had assured his disciples that he would neither leave them nor forsake them. This revelation would have brought encouragement and joy to the spirit-filled believers in Smyrna. Jesus will go before you as well, before you face any difficulties!

Can you face every challenge without fear, knowing that Jesus will never forsake you?

Let us pray that we will not be ruled by fear; instead, rely on God’s presence with us in suffering for His name.

There are so many people persecuted all around you for their faith in Christ. In order for them to continue serving the Lord, would you mind forwarding this Daily Manna, so that they may fulfil the calling in their lives?

If you’re blessed by this message, write to us. Also, if you need Persecution Relief Daily Manna for the Persecuted on a daily basis, send us your name, district, phone number and preferred language to +91 9993200020.

Shibu Thomas, Founder, Persecution Relief

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