Social Ostracism continues unabated in Chhattisgarh

Social Ostracism continues unabated in Chhattisgarh

Religious fanatics gate-crashed into a Church, during worship service, demanding that service be stopped.

Pastor Ram Krishna Sahu lives in Kachna village in Kurud Tehsil in Dhamtari District of Chattisgarh State and ministers at Aradhana Bhawan. He also has a worship service at Mura village in Kurud Tehsil in Dhamtari District of Chattisgarh State.

Around 5 Christian families gather to worship every Sunday. However, over the last one year, he has constantly been persecuted and threatened by religious fundamentalists.

On the 16th September, when these families had gathered to pray, religious fanatics barged in and disrupted their worship service. They asked them to stop pray corporately and to pray individually at their home. They physically manhandled the Pastor and the believers, tearing their clothes.

The Christians in the village have been discriminated and boycotted by the entire village. Pronouncing harsh penalties, imposing social and economic sanctions –the Christians have been cut off from all village activities – every birth, every wedding, every death, every government scheme and subsidy – totally isolating them from the rest of the village community.

They are not allowed to work nor are they given work. They are even denied groceries from the local village shop

Caught in the maze of religious hatred, social boycott and alleged forced conversion, Christian families have been living in fear. The pain from ostracism is severe and overwhelming and has left the Christians threatened and insecure.

Police were summoned and try to bring calm in the tense station and negotiated a compromise. In fact, the Police from Birejhar Village Police Station, were shocked at the behaviour of the fanatics.

“What is your problem? They are sitting in their homes and praying, without using any microphones? Let them pray!”

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Ram Krishna Sahu added that he is not allowed to enter the village and the believers have been threatened for a long time now.

Pastor Simon who heads the ministry, also mentioned that there are several cases where Christians are marginalised, isolated, without job that they are facing starvation and lack of food

Church, please pray for the Church in Chattisgarh.

Church Pray that these Belivers continue to be strong in their faiths and stand boldly till the end.

Pray that the believers will rest secure knowing that God is still in control of their lives, able to give them joy, peace and courage through these storms.

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