Karnataka: Pastor arrested for trying to convert Hindu family on the pretext of curing disease

Karnataka: Pastor arrested for trying to convert Hindu family on the pretext of curing disease

Karnataka police have arrested a pastor who tried to convert a Hindu family to Christianity on the pretext of curing their child’s disease. The pastor told the family that their problem will be solved only if they converted to Christianity and asked them to remove the images of Hindu deities from their house.

The three-year-old child of a Hindu family in Bommanakatte, Karnataka suffers from a disease that couldn’t be cured despite visiting many doctors. Madhu, a 34-year-old pastor, came to know about this and took advantage of their situation. He advised the family to leave Hindu Dharma and embrace Christianity.

He gave them Christian literature and asked them to throw away the images of Hindu deities in their house. He asked them to pray to Jesus Christ and told them that it is the only solution to their problem. Locals complained about his act to the Vinobanagar police who have arrested him. He has also been booked for illegally constructing a building in the area. he has been booked under IPC Sections 417 (cheating) and 295 (a).

Recently a Hindu family from Karnataka whose 3-year-old son is affected by Thalassemia, a rare disease, was asked to convert by a Christian missionary hospital in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, in return for free treatment.

Evangelists in Chandigarh convinced the youngsters of a Vanvasi community into believing that they fell sick when they worshipped hindu deities and recovered only after renouncing Hindu dharma and converting to Christianity. They were brainwashed to the point of filing complaints against their own family.

source : https://hindupost.in/dharma-religion/karnataka-pastor-arrested-for-trying-to-convert-hindu-family-on-the-pretext-of-curing-disease/

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