Persecution Relief was represented by Pastor Baiju George, Ireland

On 29th March, 2018, Persecution Relief was represented by Pastor Baiju George, Ireland, in front of the TDS (Teachtaí Dála (Deputies) and Senators to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs of Ireland (legislature of Ireland).

Persecution Relief’s Annual Report 2017, detailing attacks on Christians in India was used for discussion at the meeting. The initiative was made by a religious organization working for the persecuted Church globally ‘Church in Chains’. The representatives were shocked to read about the reality on the ground and commended the religious organisation for bringing the report to the committee. They lamented the fact that reports of persecution did not receive much media attention. The Joint Committee conceded that they would act on the report’s recommendations by inviting the Indian Ambassador to attend the committee to respond to the report and that he would also write to Minister for Foreign Affairs, encouraging him to take up the matter at the next meeting of the EU Foreign Ministerial Council.

Ms. Fiona Bruce MP, House of Commons, Westminster, London, was informed about the alarming rise in Christian Persecution in India. Further, the Annual Report of ‘Persecution Relief’ was forwarded to “All Party Parliamentary Group for International Freedom of Religion or Belief”. This Group exists to raise awareness and profile of international freedom of religion or belief as a human right among Parliamentarians, media, government and the general public in the UK, and to increase the effectiveness of the UK’s contribution to international institutions charged with enforcing this human right. APPG members were also appraised by Persecution Relief.

Persecution Relief Team met with major Mission Leaders and Church Pastors, appraising them about the current situation Christians are facing across India. All of them have assured their help and support towards the persecuted Church.

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