Persecution Relief Daily Prayer Update


Persecution Relief (PR) is a forerunner where serving the Persecuted Church in India is concerned. A non-profit organization cannot succeed without a strong core of volunteers.  Although we have 100’s of volunteers serving alongside with us, we always have needs to support and people to reach.

Are you willing to be humiliated, insulted, persecuted, even lay down your life for Christ?” God is not calling for people to make an attempt to lose their lives. Rather, He is calling us to be willing to lose our lives for His sake.

Who can be a Volunteer?

  • PR Volunteer must be filled with the Holy Spirit and well versed in the Word of God
  • PR Volunteer should agree and abide with PR’s Statement of Faith
  • PR Volunteer should abide by PR’s guidelines
  • PR Volunteer should have a good reputation in the community they live in
  • PR Volunteer should not have a denominational spiritbut be willing to support any persecuted Church
  • PR Volunteers are not attached to a specific Church or organization
  • PR Volunteer serves on a voluntary basis – this is not a paid position and not time bound
  • PR Volunteer must treat all people of all races, religions, and cultures with respect and consideration
  • PR Volunteer will be expected to act and react with Christian love in all situations
  • PR Volunteer is discouraged from using any foul language or display of anger
  • PR Volunteer must be graceful, compassionate and respectful in speech and written communication