When your vision comes from God, he gives you the strength, wisdom, connections, relationships and resources to make it happen, because He is the Author and Finisher of our faith.

Persecution Relief will, for the first time, build a Refuge Centre, “PARAN” which will be a sanctuary providing life-line to the persecuted Church in India. This shelter will address the desperate need of lodging, post-trauma care, spiritual renewal, recommitment and restoration to the widows and children of martyrs and other groups of persecuted brethren, forsaken by the community.

‘PARAN’ will be a place of shelter and refuge, a foretaste of ‘Heaven’; of God’s redemption, God’s compassion, God’s protection, God’s provision and God’s peace

In May 2017, the seeds were sown at Sudhagad, in Maharashtra, 2-hrs by road from Mumbai’s Airport, where the Lord enabled us to buy 6.5 acres of land. We still need to acquire 10 more acres of land to build the envisioned shelter.

Currently, there is no organization or initiative in India or abroad, that provides a place of refuge or sanctuary for the persecuted Church. Our desire is for PARAN to be a life-line for the persecuted Church in India, providing a place of refuge for our brethren who are facing subjugation, discrimination, culturally and religiously, economic deprivation, financial constraints, legally marginalized with little support from the government and non-government organizations.

We are looking for partners and volunteers with motivation, skills and experience to share and support this vision, most of all – enthusiasts in kindness, destined to impact Christians.