“To provide comprehensive support to the persecuted Church in India, by linking it to the Free Church of the world”.

Christians continue to face wave after wave of communal violence – forced closure of Churches by Government authorities; men, women and children beaten indiscriminately during Sunday Worship service; religious fundamentalist mobs walking into Churches with total impunity, desecrating and destroying the sanctity of the sanctuary, burning tearing, stamping and desecrating the Holy Bible, false cases, imprisonment and lawsuits of ungodly men, ex-communicated from villages, boycotted and chased out of their homes, forced to live in the forests- are some of the regular incidents faced by Christians in modern India.

However, a large percentage of the Christian Community are unaware that persecution is an actuality and prolific in India. Persecution Relief seeks to link this gap by bringing to the forefront, the reality and stories of the tortured and displaced Christians.