“You are the light of the world”

You are the light of the world

Pastor Gyan Singh and Bro. Mangu

Bro.  Mangu’s life turned upside down when his adult son Malkhan of 25 years, fell very sick. He visited many hospitals and spent several lakhs of rupees for his treatment. Yet, his son’s condition steadily deteriorated

Ultimately, the Doctors gave up the battle between life and death and asked Bro. Mangu to take his son home as there was nothing further they could medically do. Malkhan grew steadily weak and was reduced to skin and bones as his condition became hopeless

One day, Bro. Mangu was told about the miraculous healing power of Jesus Christ. His hope was stirred hearing about Jesus’s earthly ministry and he believed that Jesus could do the same for his son. So, taking his son along with him, he traveled 56 kms to a village in Durzanpur Ghat, Vazirganj, District, Badaun, Uttar Pradesh, where Pastor was residing.

After Pastor prayed over the sick boy, Malkhan expressed that he was hungry. When he had eaten some food, he was taken back to his home. By the grace and mercy of God, Malkhan slowly regained his strength and soon was able to perform all activities independently.  In response to Bro. Mangu’s faith, God used Pastor Gyan Singh to heal Malkhan. Bro. Mangu’s faith continued to grow while the family rejoiced at the son’s complete recovery.

A few months later, owing to the pressure and influence from unbelieving relatives and lukewarm faith,  Malkhan’s condition deteriorated drastically. Two days later, Malkhan passed away.

In spite of this great personal tragedy, Bro. Mangu continued to trust Jesus Christ. He requested Pastor Gyan Singh to visit his home, to spend time with his family in prayers. Bro. Mangu told Pastor that he had made plans to leave the village as they had exhausted all their savings on their son’s treatment.

On 3rd May, Pastor Gyan Singh along with 4 sisters and 2 Brothers from his Church, hired an Autorickshaw and reached the residence of Bro. Mangu, who resides at Rudhauli village in Basti District of Uttar Pradesh. 

Pastor and his team reached around 11.00 am. After some refreshments, they began worshipping for about an hour. Around 12.30 pm, a mob of religious fanatics called out to Pastor Gyan Singh asking him to come out. Instead, Bro. Mangu stepped out to enquire what they wanted with Pastor as he was his guest in his home. This enraged the mob began beating Bro. Mangu. Sensing escalation of the situation, both sons of Bro. Mangu – Inderjeet and Ruddhal rushed out to protect their father. The ladies in the house rushed out too and no one was spared. All were brutally beaten. The Village Pradhan’s and the local villagers were part of the mob that attacked Bro. Mangu’s home.

Police were summoned. Pastor Gyan Singh, 4 sisters and 2 brothers, along with Bro. Mangu his 2 sons Inderjeet and Ruddhal, and Bro. Ram Bhajan were taken to Rudhauli Police Station. Pastor Gyan Singh and the others were booked under IPC 141, 107, 116.

The 4 sisters were released but the rest of the group were remanded to Police custody. Although Ruddhal is a minor and no case was registered against him, nevertheless, he was detained at the Police Station. The following day, all of them were released from the SDM Court after securing bail.

God worked in a supernatural way to secure the release of this Group.

On 4th May, when Pastor Daniel Solomon, based in Uttar Pradesh, called Persecution Relief to update about this incident, the Founder challenged him to reach out to Pastor Gyan Singh’s group.

Pastor Daniel Solomon, Pastor Gyan Singh, Bro. Mangu and his sons Inderjeet & Ruddhal and Bro. Ram Bhajan

And if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; or if one member is honored, all the members rejoice with it. 1 Corinthians 12:26

In spite of never having met Pastor Gyan Singh, the pain of the co-worker for Christ, ignited compassion and moved Pastor Daniel to action. Although he was unaware of the location of the Police Station where Pastor & his team were being held, Pastors Daniel Solomon along with Pastor Anurag, worked very hard for their release.

They drove around 50 km’s, tracked the Police Station where they were being held, spoke courageously to the Police officials, expedited the entire process of taking them to the SDM Courts, paying for the bail expenses to get them released etc.

Pastors Daniel and Anurag spent the entire day, being used by God to minister to His servants. He expressed joy and satisfaction for being in the right place at the right time, by God. He stated that he was a recipient of Persecution Relief updates and would pray for them.  However, today, he was overwhelmed to be given an opportunity to be able to participate, contribute and provide support to Persecution Relief, Pastor Gyan Singh and others.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Gyan Singh was deeply grateful to Persecution Relief, for their timely assistance in securing their release and the financial support. Pastor was also deeply touched for the great help provided by Pastors Daniel and Anurag, who did not regard it a burden or hardship to aid an afflicted brother, another member of the body of Christ.

Church, let us be inspired by this story – to feel a deep interest in the welfare of ALL members of the body of Christ, to serve without envy, sympathizing when another member of the body is hurting, seeking the good of others, extending service to others, “bearing one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2)

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