Worship stopped and Pastors & believers arrested

Pastors arrested during Sunday Worship Service, Uttar Pradesh

2 Pastors along with a worship leader  was arrested under IPC 151 for worshipping and praying to Jesus Christ.

On Sunday, 28th January, Pr Sukesh Kumar along with Pr Anil Kumar and Bro. Subash Chand where participating in a worship service that was being held at a believer’s house, located in Allapur Tehsil of Ambedkar Nagar District in Uttar Pradesh.

The meeting started at 10:30 am, and around 12 noon a mob of fanatics illegally gate-crashed into the believer’s home and demanded that the prayer meeting be suspended. Apparently, the relegious fanatics  had called and informed the Police – lodging a fictitious complaint, manipulating, misleading and distorting information. They told the Police that there was a major riot between Hindu’s and Muslims and urgently summoned them to come.

A group of 20 Police vehicles along with the top government officials  arrived. When they realized that this was just a prayer meeting, they used the opportunity to engineer charges, and alleged that the Pastors were engaged in conversion activities.

In spite of proving that it was just a prayer meeting with local Christians, they were forcibly whisked away to the Police Station on the 28th Jan. They were detained for more than 36 hours in the lock up with criminals.Eventually, Pastor Sukesh Kumar, Pastor Anil Kumar, and Bro. Subash Chand, were released on bail.

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  1. Indian government and U.P government should stop this type of utracities. Governments are not only belongs to the particular people. It is for all people.

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