Worship service disrupted by Newspaper Reporter and religious fanatics, Uttar Pradesh

Worship service disrupted by Newspaper Reporter and religious fanatics, Uttar Pradesh

Pastor Jawaharlal has been ministering at Gospel Movement Church in Kakkarkata village, Kannauj District of Uttar Pradesh. Around 30 believers attend the worship service every Sunday. The Church services have been regularly conducted for the past eight years.

On Sunday, 25th November, while worship service was in progress, religious extremists barged into the Church and accused the Christians of carrying out religious conversions. The extremists threatened the congregation assembled there, with dire consequences, if the prayer meetings were not immediately halted.

A Reporter from a well-known Hindi language Daily Newspaper, accompanied a group of 7 pujaris. Carrying a video camera, the Reporter covered the proceedings as they threatened and abused the Pastor. However, Pastor refused to stop the service and demanded that they wait until he finished his message and prayer.

The fanatics waited for the service to finish and then continued their tirade of abuse against Pastor, alleging that he was involved in conversion activities. They warned of dire consequences if the Church congregated the following Sunday.

Finally, they made an effort to instigate and manipulate the villagers against the Christians, trying to influence and misrepresent their views, in order to convince them to install an Ambedkar statue inside the Church. However, the local villagers were very firm and declined to be swayed against the Christians.

Church pray for Pastor and the congregation, that everything goes well in future.

Pray that all divisive plans will be negated in the name of Jesus Christ.






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  1. Thise rhat have reason to fear God will fear christians abd church services. But ehen they open their hearts they will gear from Jesus about how much He lives them and that He desires that none should not make Heaven home.
    I pray that the blood of Jesus Christ cover this congregation, the pastor, his family and all the well wishers.

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