Will Indian Church Become Prophetic Like Bhushan?

Will Indian Church Become Prophetic Like Bhushan?

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By Varghese Alengaden

Indore, Aug 21, 2020: As long as there are prophets like Prashant Bhushan who act as the conscience of the nation, Indian democracy and universal values enshrined in the preamble of the Constitution will be preserved.

At a time when many celebrities, political leaders, bureaucrats and even judges are turning sycophants of those in power, activist and senior advocate Bhushan has consistently highlighted corruption in public offices, including the judiciary.

India has been witnessing

corruption among politicians, bureaucrats, industrialists and others. Until recently people had trust in the Judiciary, especially in the Supreme Court. In recent years the credibility of the judiciary is being questioned because of its judgements in some cases. Doubts were raised when former Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogi was nominates to the Rajya Sabha after his retirement.

Many don’t criticize judges for fear of contempt of court. Anyone who dares to question the judgements and corruption of judges are condemned by the court. Bhushan refused to apologize to avert the punishment. Defending his stand Bhushan said, “For the last three decades, I had tried to uphold the majesty of the SC and the Constitution. Failing to speak up would have been a dereliction of my duty.”

More than 10,000 prominent lawyers, former judges of Supreme Court and High Courts have written and spoken in support of Bhushan. This proves his credibility. If judges work in nexus with the ruling dispensation they may not understand the wisdom behind the arguments of these eminent persons.

As I was reflecting about the prophetic stand of Bhushan a question came to my mind. How many of the consecrated men and women will stand out to fulfil their prophetic call to be the conscience of society and of the Church?

The call of every consecrated person is to become a prophet. “I have called you and appointed you to be a prophet to the nations”. (Jer 1:4) All of them are duty bound to be the conscience of society and of the Church. Why then there is a culture of silence? Even when some stand out and speak why are they punished and silenced?

Fear blocks priests, nuns and bishops in the Church to do their mission for which they are called and consecrated. There would be hardly anyone to stand with them unlike in the case of Bhushan.

The meaning of vow of chastity and not having a family to take care is to make consecrated men and women in the Church to be free and fearless. Lay people in the world have a family to take care. Yet we find they are more committed to defend truth and justice.

The blind obedience and other rules in the Church and religious congregations have conditioned the minds of consecrated people. Instead of struggling for the Kingdom of God, they are made ‘barren and impotent’ to be free laborers to build and sustain the institutions of the Church. They are alienated from the people and their struggles.

The Church in India has been a welfare agency. It never did its prophetic mission. The Church has adopted a culture of silence. Few Church leaders or consecrated persons have spoken in support of Bhushan in the public. We may have either to protect our institutional interests or hide the skeletons in the cupboard.

Even when there are public scandals and corruption inside the Church, the culture of silence prevails over the prophetic mission. Prophetic voice is silenced and suppressed under the pretext of obedience.

Activists such as Bhushan are doing what the consecrated persons should be doing. They refuse to compromise or sell their souls. They are awakening the conscience of the nation. When will the consecrated persons stand up and become true to their prophetic call and mission?

source : mattersindia

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