We demand an immediate apology and withdrawal of the offensive disrespectful Netflix Christmas Special!

An open letter to the CEO of Netflix

Reed Hastings,
Founder and CEO, Netflix,
100 Winchester Circle,
CA 95032, USA.

We demand an immediate apology and withdrawal of the offensive disrespectful Netflix Christmas Special!

Appeal to all Christians around the world to unsubscribe from Netflix should they fail to comply within 48 hours

Dear Mr. Hastings,

As a member of the Christian community and follower of Christ, I hereby join the million plus who have registered their protests calling for the Netflix Christmas Special, a series depicting Jesus in a gay relationship to be axed immediately. Even though freedom of expression is a fundamental and constitutional right, but using the same liberty to offend the sentiments of members of a particular faith persuasion is highly abhorrent and absolutely unacceptable.

The series besides being blasphemous, vulgar and disrespectful should be pulled off forthwith without any further delay as it is seriously and highly offensive to the sentiments of the Christian community as a whole, worldwide. In the 21st century, where the digital wave has brought the world to our fingertips, we are exposed to a Pandora’s Box of information, both historic and futuristic. While as a community we may enjoy this medium, but, what we will not tolerate is someone rewriting history especially in such bad taste. Your Christmas Special titled “The First Temptation of Christ” is an abomination that implies homosexuality being the central pillar of the Christian faith, under the pretext of parody.

Hence Netflix should follow the example set by Walmart, wherein they apologized and withdrew the Christmas sweater that bore an offensive message. In view of the same, Netflix should also make a public apology to the Christian community world over and withdraw the web series forthwith.

Belittling and negating the deity and stature of a person who turned the world right side up with his exemplary character and impeccable integrity should not be entertained under any circumstances. The message and teachings of Christ are relevant even today as evidenced by the billions of followers worldwide who congregate week after week throughout generations in reverential adoration to His holy name.

Jesus remains unequaled by any historical figure universally till date that even history itself in ultimate recognition is divided in two eras – Before Christ (BC) and After Death (AD Anno Domini – In the year of the Lord). In view of such offensive and reckless act of abomination, we demand that this horrific depiction of Christ be axed and withdrawn forthwith and an unconditional apology be offered by Netflix to the Christian community for hurting our sentiments.

Thereby, I join the million plus around the world who have signed online petitions against this show and I implore them to unsubscribe and delete Netflix from their devices if a formal apology and withdrawal is not issued within the next 48 hours.

Dr. Abraham Mathai
President – Indian Christian Voice
Former Vice Chairman Minorities Commission
Mobile: 9870061184

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