Villagers Protest the Christian Burial of a Believer in Jharkhand

Villagers Protest the Christian Burial of a Believer in Jharkhand

Bro. Satish Tirkey, believer of GEMS Church at Kandra (PEACE 1 Zone) went to be with the Lord on 24th August 2020 and was buried. Villagers instigated by anti-Christian elements are forcing to dig the grave.

Bro. Silas Tirkey is a believer of GEMS House of Prayer at Kandra in Lohardaga district; nine members of his family are believers. His eldest son Bro. Satish Tirkey was suffering with ailments for the last two years. Amidst the sickness he was driving an auto for livelihood. On the night of 24th August, he fell severely sick and was take to the hospital and was diagnosed with jaundice, but the hospital refused to admit him and the same night he passed away.

He is survived by his wife and two children, Angel (8 years) and Ashish (1 ½ years). Bro. Satish loved the Lord and was gifted in leading the church in praise and worship.

Since there is no burial place belonging to the church and there was no place in his house, his body was taken to a land belonging to his uncle (mother’s younger brother), 2 kms away from Kandra. Bro. Saravanan (Zonal Leader, PEACE 1 Zone) led the funeral service and his body was buried.

After the burial was done the villagers gathered in large numbers protesting the Christian burial. They are demanding to dig the grave and to remove the body from that place.

Pray for this ongoing burial issue in Kandra to be resolved peaceably.

Pray for the Lord’s comfort to the family of Bro. Satish Tirkey.

Pray for PEACE 1 Zone and Jharkhand which is continuously facing persecution.

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