Village House Church set on fire, Telangana

Village House Church set on fire, Telangana

A Church in Miryalaguda village, in Nalgonda district of Telangana, was burnt down in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Pastor Samuel Nakkalla has been ministering in the location for the past 1 year. Over 21 persons used to gather regularly and worship every Sunday, at the prayer house, built on 10 Guntas of land, that belonged to Pastor.

When Pastor heard about the news of the fire, he rushed to the site with members of the congregation and good Samaritans from the neighbourhood, to see the building burnt to the ground.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor mentioned that he could not imagine who could have burnt the prayer hall. However, he recalled that 6 months ago, a mob of young religious fanatics, trespassed into the Church and wereharassing the Pastor. They took away the bibles and threw them on the ground and also the keys of the Auto Rickshaw which belonged to the Pastor. However, the people in the neighbourhood intervened and diffused the situation and the keys were returned.

Pastor estimates that the fire started around 12 – 2 am, which destroyed the entire Church building, which was built on wood and dried leaf fronds.

Several items in the Church, electronic equipment’s, music instruments and floor mats were consumed by the fire. The loss is estimated to be around Rs. 30,000/-.

Police from the Miryalaguda Police Station, led by Sub-Inspector, visited taking pictures of the crime scene. No arrests have been made so far.

In 2018, Persecution Relief has recorded 477 incidents of hate-crimes against Christians. Telangana recorded 24 incidents.

In the first six months of 2019, we have recorded 208incidents of hate crimes, with 11 cases from Telangana alone.

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