VHP warns CIA: Global movement against you if militant tag not changed

VHP warns CIA: Global movement against you if militant tag not changed

IndiaToday.in, New Delhi, June 15, 2018


  • CIA World Factbook calls VHP, Bajrang Dal religious militant groups
  • We’re a nationalist organisation, work for country’s betterment: VHP
  • Group’s leader, Surendra Jain, asks CIA to apologize
Girls from the Durga Vahini, the women’s wing of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, participating in a self-defense training camp in Jammu in July last year. (Photo: Getty Images)

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) on Friday threatened to launch an international movement against the CIA if it doesn’t change its classification of the Hindu group as a religious militant organisation.

The VHP said it’s a nationalist group which works for the betterment of the country and called the CIA’s allegations “baseless” and “false”.

In a statement, the VHP said the US intelligence agency was responsible for creating Osama bin Laden and had “no moral right” to lecture it.

It pointed to the map of India the CIA uses (which shows significant portions of Jammu and Kashmir as non-Indian territory) and said this “vindicated” the agency’s “anti-India mindset”.

Members of the Durga Vahini, the VHP’s women’s wing, showing their self-defense skills with firearms at the concluding ceremony of a week-long women’s training camp on the outskirts of Ahmedabad on May 21, 2016. (Photo: Reuters)

Surendra Jain, the VHP’s leader, asked the CIA to apologize and “rectify its mistake”. He also asked the government to take the matter up with Washington.

Besides the VHP, the CIA also calls the Bajrang Dal a militant religious group. The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the parent organisation of the BJP, is listed as a nationalist organisation in the fact book.

A Sadhu holding a trident during a religious meeting organised by the VHP in Lucknow on March 24, 2009. (Photo: Reuters)


Source: www.indiatoday.in

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1 thought on “VHP warns CIA: Global movement against you if militant tag not changed”

  1. Sir, we appreciate your efforts for the justice to Christians in India.
    The so called nationalistic orgs are doing very inhuman activities to the Christians in India. As they are mentioning , if they nationalistic they have safe guard the constitution of India. These orgs are behaving fanatically against the constitution. Why they working on the basis of religion. The main problem of India is corruption in every part of India. Why they are not dare enough to fight against corruption in India. They try to divide majority and minority’s groups in every area during the elections and support one political party came into power then they force that Govt to make laws against minority’s. This type of approach is not suitable to India.They don’t know the secular constitutional foundation of India. They try do like this the future of India in danger. Why they are criticising CIA . They should change their attitude and hatred towards other religions. Vedas are the basics of Hindu religion they never read the vedas and every where they establish idols which are against to their vedas. They are misleading the people that idol worship is the culture of the country. The 4 vedas never support the idol worshiping.
    When the Christians and Muslims are against to the idol worship, they propagate that these religions are destroying our culture. They intentionally doing all these things. Every human being should have right to choose the way they wish to follow. When this also decided by other persons or orgs or political leaders that life is waste on this earth. This is my opinion. Please help India from these dangerous orgs which are gradually shifting towards dictatorship.

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