VBS stopped, children terrorized and chased away, Tamil Nadu

Pastor John Madhavan and his family have been working at Palavanattam, Aruppukottai Main Road, in Virudhunagar District of Tamil Nadu for the last 2 years. Their ministry, “Success and Life Prayer House” has around 50 believers who congregate every Sunday for worship service.

Vacation Bible School (VBS)  is held every year by the Church during School vacations.This year, VBS was organised from the 01st of May until the 06th of May, 2018.

On the first day yesterday, on 01.05.2018, about 50 children gathered for this occasion.  Teachers, Pastor John Madhavan’s wife Rebekah, Bro. Kanagavel and his wife along with the children were present.

At around 11.45 am, 2 religious fundamentalists living in the same area – Soda Company Nagarajan (BJP Secretary) and Pandey (Hindu Front General Secretary, Virudhunagar District), illegally trespassed into the Church. They shouted abuses and used offensive language in the presence of the children. They threatened that if the Church activities were not stopped with immediate effect, they would take drastic action, including taking their lives.

After the tirade, they chased away the frightened children from the Church. These radicals have, for the past one year, harassing, intimidating the believers who come to attend this Church every Sunday.

Pastor John Madhavan has lodged a complaint with Aruppukottai Taluk Police Station

Church please pray for Pastor John Madhavan and his family, not to be discouraged but to continue the good work.

Please also pray for the protection of the children and all the teachers who attend VBS.

Pray also for the persecutors that the Lord would touch open their hearts to receive Him.

Source: Pastor Zeba, Coordinator, Persecution Relief, Tamil Nadu

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  1. Plz listen carefully to the conversation in that video that person is asking r u a hindu or Christian ……

    but in government their are many christian working and why indian government is taking help of christian countries they shouldn’t step to such country……

    All christians are not same as 5 fingers are not same ……….

    Better advice for christians ……first stop converting people and stop pointing out at other be like jesus and follow bible but not false doctrine…..

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