Vandals break into Church, Bihar

Vandals break into Church, Bihar

Unidentified people vandalized a Church in Anand Nagar, Siwan District, Bihar and stole items from the Church.

Pastor Dashrath Kumar Das has been ministering with “Joy of Church” in Anand Nagar for the last 7 years. Around 150 members gather to worship every Sunday.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Dashrath explained that through the years, the Church has beenfacing severe persecution from religious fundamentalists in the area. A few months ago, a New Testament Bible was delivered to the Church with a written message – “If you want to live here, be silent or leave this place. You are a fraud, you are a fraud, you are a fraud!!”.

Recently while the Pastor was away, neighbours told him that the Church was vandalized and a portion above the gate was dismantled and destroyed by unidentified radicals.

Last week, the locked gate and door to the Church wasbroken and equipment and items stolen.

Pastor expressed disappointment with the turn of events. He believes that the radicals are continuing to harass them, with malicious intent to provoke a reaction, so that they can start a fight or argument on purpose. He alleged that the fundamentalists are doing everything they can to evict him and the Church from the area. However, the piece of land is Pastor’s own property and he has no intention of leaving the place. His residence is around 1 km away from this location.

In the last few months, several churches have been vandalized in Bihar, prompting Christian groups to demand protection for their institutions and strong action against those involved in such acts.

Church please pray for the peaceful settlement of the matter and commit this situation into God’s care.

Pray that Pastor and the congregation will be kept under His banner of love.

Pray that Pastor, through his life-witness and testimony, will glorify the name of Jesus Christ, in and through this situation.

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  1. May peace and glory of our Almighty will surrounding our persuted Pastor and his family.
    We claim as per Luke 10:19

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