URGENT — Bishop Lal Needs Our Prayers -Written by Rev Vishal Mangalwadi

URGENT — Bishop Lal Needs Our Prayers

Friends, this is to request your prayers for Bishop R B Lal and family. Our State’s militant Hindu government is working over time to send him to jail. His younger brother, VB Lal, was arrested on Saturday in a CNI related case.

Today Bishop & Mrs RB Lal, his son, Prof. J Lal’s family, and his second brother, Prof SB Lal’s family were forced to flee their homes and the university campus, presumably to prevent arrest.

Dr. R. B. Lal is a good man — a great human being. In my judgment, he is India’s foremost Christian leader. He took responsibility for a corrupt and failing Agriculture Institute and facing incredible challenges, threats and opposition, with help from his brothers and wife, he turned that failing institution into a full-fledged State University, SHUATS — India’s first Christian university. It has over 12,000 students and 1,200 staff.

Out of a daily Prayer Meeting in his home came a preaching and healing ministry that blossomed into North India’s first Mega Church — Yeshu Darbar (YD — The Royal Court of Jesus). YD has spawned at least 200 other churches. Six to Eight Thousand people come to the main YD every weekend, and 5-15 Hindus were being baptised every Saturday morning . . . That is the central reason for persecution.

Three months ago, four senior officials of SHUATS were arrested because about Rs.230 million disappeared from one of University’s bank accounts. The money was taken by the university’s Accountant and bank officers, over a period of many months. They are in jail.

The Press says that the Accountant claims that he got only 10% of the loot, the rest of the money was distributed as per the orders of “the Boss.” Four of his bosses were arrested. Two are still in jail after 3 months. That is ample time for the police to complete inquiry. The police has not found any link to the Lal brothers in this case.

Therefore, the youngest brother, Vinod B Lal, was arrested last Saturday in a case related to schools run by the Church of North India (CNI). VB Lal heads up the committee that sees educational institutions in his Diocese.

The press says that there are two charges in this school case: (1) One of the schools did not have the official permit. The police can NOT keep someone in jail for that reason. The other accusation is that Rs.60 Million was collected as school Fee and it is un-accounted. There must be accounts . . . but some Corruption is also possible. That, however, has nothing to do with SHUATS or YD. Obviously, Vinod Lal is being kept in jail to try and find some reason to arrest Dr. R B Lal and other family members.

Lots of cases have been filed against the Lal brothers over the years. The courts have dismissed most of these cases though some are pending. The BJP is trying to reopen even those cases in which the courts have judged the Lals “Not-Guilty.” Harassment is the only objective behind re-opening those cases.

Did SHUATS pay bribes and, therefore, had to forge some of its accounts? I would not be surprised if it did.

The Lord Jesus gave Dr. R. B. Lal the vision and the faith to pray for a CRIME-FREE Zone, 70 Kms radius around YD. That would be North India’s Great Awakening. I have no doubt that the Saviour wants to save our people from our sin and would therefore use current trials to answer that amazing prayer . . . beginning with cleaning up YD and SHUATS of whatever sin, bribery, and other corruption has been there.

If SHUATS is to become a world-class university that produces godly Agriculturists, Scientists, and Inventors who transform India and bless the world . . . some of whom go on to win Nobel Prizes . . . then SHUATS administration has to be transparent. Faculty must be appointed on merit, not nepotism.

YD will help transform UP when it becomes a genuine Church, run by genuine Elders, trained by Bishop Lal, but chosen by the sheep, who have learnt to recognise their shepherds.

The last few months have been very tough. Dr. Lal and his family definitely need space and time to rest and be renewed. Please pray that he will be given supernatural strength to return and face the trials.

Can the government put him in jail? It definitely wants to. Can it find false witnesses? “Religious” leaders found enough of them 2,000 years ago and crucified Dr. Lal’s Lord.

What happens if he is thrown in jail?

Well, I’d love to be with him there. It is always a blessing to sit at his feet, to study God’s word with him and to pray. That jail, the city, and our state steeped in corruption needs to be shaken up by a visitation of God’s HOLY Spirit.

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7 thoughts on “URGENT — Bishop Lal Needs Our Prayers -Written by Rev Vishal Mangalwadi”

  1. Bribery and recommendation admissions, both in student seats and faculty appointment are known to me.Dont just blabber. Corruption at its best-known SHUATS

  2. Thank you Vishal for this Praying for Bishop Lal and all those involved in this May Our Lord make Himself know to all those involved and may He give Dr Lal boldness and courage as he stands firm for the Saviour Praying God’s name will be glorified and Bishop Lal will be aware of His presence through this persecution God is in control Trust Him

  3. Yes Lord has promised us that I no going to make asame. Even when in our worst situation every one leaves us but Lord never leaves us. This battle not ours it’s the battle of lord so we don’t have to worry Lord as given us to fight against enemies is sword and arrow i.e word of the lord and prayer.Yes we have to be more in faith the final decision will be in our favour because Lord’s court is the biggest court.This time were lord wants unite and pray.

  4. RB Lal & his entire family is very corrupt and deserves punishment . Bible never tells to show mercy on corrupt RB Lal and his family. They must go to jail for making lot of illegal money in name of catholic Christianity.

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