Update from Christian Fellowship Hospital, Chhattisgarh

12 March, 2018
Update from Christian Fellowship Hospital, Chhattisgarh

Update given by  Dr. Thomas Abraham to Persecution Relief :
“Team from Raipur National Rural Health Mission (NHM), under State Chief National Program for control of Blindness, and Faculty of Govt. Ophthalmology, evaluated our processes, practices and Guidelines followed. Except for some minor observations, they were largely satisfied
▪ Under the leadership of Joint Director Drug Controller Office, they have taken the prepared medicines list in stock. A sample was taken for testing and send to Calcutta Forensic Lab.
▪ We had already sent culture tests from theatre. Drug controllers team had taken extensive post-op. Theatre site culture which have all reported negative results
▪ The team constituted by Collector Rajnandgaon under the chairmanship of Upper Collector, Medical Superintendent Govt Medical College, CHMO, HOD Ophthalmology and 3 faculty members and Drug controller had again conducted inquiry and went into all the details of legal permissions, DBCS guidelines, practices, procedures and Records
▪ God’s providential help was abundant and they concluded with a favorable note with stress on statement that only after drug test reports any conclusion could be arrived at.
▪ Earlier, PCC appointed Investigation team had visited and recognized that this hospital serves mostly the poorest community and such accident happens and could happen.
▪ They also noted that there is no Govt Center with such excellence to cater to such patients

Being an indigenous Society, for us there is a huge financial burden and liabilities and we look forward to His grace and mercy to guide us through all situations.

Above and over all, we are in deep pain and shock for the people who have lost eyes and pleading before our Lord for the healing and for His continued mercy and grace. Through all our weakness His grace is sufficient. He would lead us on.

This was first of a kind of cluster infection. I am a Medical Specialist and have been looking for a Committed Christian Eye specialist to oversee as in-charge. Pray that the Lord would work in heart of someone to accept the missionary challenge.

I am given to understand that there have been occasional and isolated infections mostly on count of patient’s compliance. In last 6 decades but they are in small numbers reported even at Centre. Vast rural majority have great faith in our work yet as we get regular feedback, which makes us more and more responsible, both to our Lord and men.

Finally, we value all your prayers, that means us a lot and thank you all as co-workers in the kingdom of God. It humbles us and reminds us how much we should be on our knees. Keep us in your prayers. Thanks indeed

God bless you. “

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