University investigating Asst. Professor of proselyting, Madhya Pradesh

University investigating Asst. Professor of proselyting, Madhya Pradesh

A local Government University was looking into claims that an Electronics Asst. Professor was pushing her own views on religion with her students at the College.

Sis. Esther (name changed), works as an Assistant Professor of Electronics at a local Government University at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, where she has been serving for the last 15 years.

On the 2nd of January, returning to College after Christmas vacation, Esther was summoned to the office of the Head of the Department (HOD).

The HOD informed her that the University Student Union’s representatives, had complained to him that she was using her position of authority, to proselyte the students. He also informed her, that the Union members had accused him of offering her money and other benefits to proselyte.

Further, they presented him with a letter, which accused Esther  of showing religious bias, coercing and luring students offering money and using her class to preach religion instead of teaching Electronics.

The letter went on to demand that the HOD, terminate her services owing to these conversion activities, and threatened that a copy of the letter, written on behalf of the University Students Union, would be sent to the Vice Chancellor of the University and to the local Cabinet Ministers, etc.

(HOD) is not a Christian, but is being made a scapegoat by these perpetrators, who were trying to strong-arm him.

Esther  called Persecution Relief to inform about the incident. Bro. Saji Abraham State President of Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee, Communal Harmony Department (Sadbhavana Prakosth), was made aware about the incident. He has spoken to the concerned authorities and the complaint has been retracted.

Church pray that Christians working in different Christian Institutions, be protected from false and slanderous accusation, in Jesus name.

Pray that in spite of the different forms of persecution, Christians will continue to be “the light and the salt of the earth”, wherever Jesus has placed them.

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  1. As a christian we are afraid of false allegations by Hindu hardliner.
    Such problems must be stopped. We must get political help.
    There are also Hindus in other political parties

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