Under construction Church building vandalized. Pondicherry

Under construction Church building vandalized. Pondicherry

I’m an Indian!! A proud Indian!

But sadly,  I was grown saying India is a secular country. So when my parents taught me the love of Christ, I started sharing it with my friends. I never forced them to accept Christ, never gave them foods in exchange for their faith, never gave them money because I knew money cannot change a truly devoted heart!!

My parents and my brother did the same! Because we grew up amidst struggles and saw how God’s loved moved on us and helped us cross every trouble. So whenever we see someone’s tears, we would gladly suggest them that Jesus can give them peace and strength in times of trouble and help them stand high above the storms. My parents have helped and showed love to so many people with the strength that God has given us.

My dad, started his ministry in Karaikal amidst people who have a high suicidal rate and are alcoholics. But some of our fellow citizens came against us and forced us to close down our first place of house prayer gathering. They didn’t allow any kind of celebration in our house. They pushed dad out of his work by filing a false complaint. They did a lot of terrible things which brutally tortured our minds. They filed two false cases against my dad. My dad won by God’s strength. It was humiliating but worth. We know God loves us and He was our strength!

Then after so much struggle 😔 with not enough money, my dad along with our loving church family bought a land in another place recently, with no houses in the surrounding area. But there, they’ve come again just to make trouble to us. They’ve broken our compound wall yesterday. Aren’t we citizens of India??

If the politicians support those people, whom are we supposed to go?
If the law and order facilitators support them, whom are we supposed to go??
Are we not Indians just because we trust and believe in Jesus???

Though we cannot demand justice, we would love to also have some justice from our rulers. I hope we we will never be abandoned for living and trusting our nation!!


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