Tribal Believers and Pastor Threatened by Sangh Members and Police in Uttar Pradesh

Tribal Believers and Pastor Threatened by Sangh Members and Police in Uttar Pradesh

Believers of Bahadu, U.P. and GEMS missionary pastor were threatened by Sangh members to not hold prayers and Bibles and song books were seized by the police.

House prayer and Sunday worship is conducted at the house of Mr. Rajendra Prasad in Bahadu of Sonbhadra District. Bahadu is 13 kms away from Dudhi in the GEMS Sonebhadra Zone / Southern Region. While GEMS missionary Bro. Virendra Gond was praying for the believers on 30th Dec 2018 (Sunday), two men came to the house and threatened him and forced him to stop the prayer. Half an hour later two policemen and more Sangh members came and threatened the believers and the missionary.

On Monday, 31st Dec 2018, policemen from Dudhi Police Station forcefully entered the house of Rajendra Prasad and took away the Bibles, Song Books and Calendar. The believers were also told to come to the police station on Wednesday. When Rajendra Prasad, Manilal and Keval Prasad went to the police station on 2nd January 2019, the SHO and policemen of Duddhi P.S. threatened the believers that false charges under Section 107 and 116 will be filed against them, if they continue to pray or worship Lord Jesus Christ. The believers shared their testimonies of how the Lord Jesus transformed their lives and that they follow Jesus not by force or allurement, but by freewill.

The police also told that if the missionary Bro. Virendra would ever enter into the village, he would face dire consequences and that if his arms and legs were to be broken, they wouldn’t take up the complaint. The police have shared false information that Section 144 and 151 has been brought into effect in Bahadu village and so the Christians should not gather together.

Bro. Virendra was called to the village for a meeting called by the Tribal leaders of Bahadu on 6th January (Sunday). When he visited, he was strictly warned to not come to the village to conduct prayers. It was found that the Village Pradhan and the BDC were also behind the opposition.

Pray for the opposition & persecution which the believers and missionary are facing in Bahadu.

Pray that they may be strong in the Lord and not to be disheartened.

Pray for the closed doors in Bahadu to open that the people may freely worship & pray and minister.

Pray for the village leaders, Sangh members and the police to know the truth of the gospel and to be touched & transformed by the Lord Jesus Christ.

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