Trapped and beaten for distributing Bible tracts, Tamil Nadu

Trapped and beaten for distributing Bible tracts, Tamil Nadu

A Pastor and his 2 Believers , who were distributing Bible Tracts, were trapped by religious fanatics, who pretended to be interested in Jesus Christ, and then brutally assaulted them in Tamil Nadu.

Pastor K. Rajesh who was accompanied by 2 brothers, was beaten by religious fanatics while distributing Bible tracts, in a place called  Pulioorkurichi thakkali village, iKanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu.

While they were distributing the tracts in a local public park, a man approached them and introduced himself saying,

“I am Robert and I would like to know more about Jesus Christ”.

As they assumed his interest to be genuine, they began sharing the Gospel with him. It is alleged that Robert alerted the fanatics, and soon a mob surrounded the Christians.

The 3 Christians were brutally beaten and abused, forcibly taken to a temple and made to bow and pay obeisance before their gods. They were finally released after much threats of even more dire consequences, if they did not stop proclaiming Jesus Christ.

Pastor is affiliated to Thiruvarambu AG Church, Kanyakumari District, were around 40 Christians gather every Sunday to worship Jesus Christ.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, in reflection, Pastor said,

Though we were badly beaten and insulted, we believe that it is a privilege to suffer for Jesus Christ. I have forgiven my attackers in Jesus Christ”

Church pray for the protection of Pastor and his friends. Pray that God would remove all fear and discouragement and flood their hearts with peace and joy of the Lord.

Pray for Pastor Rajesh who suffers from Hemophilia (a bleeding disorder that prevents blood from clotting).

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