Training Program attacked by religious fundamentalists, Uttar Pradesh

Update : 08 Sept. 2018, 6:45 pm

Police took the initiative to negotiate a compromise between both parties and no complaints were lodged. Thank you Church for Praying. Continue Praying for RSP Ministries and for the men of God who were beaten.

08 Sept. 2018, 4.00 pm

Training Program attacked by religious fundamentalists

A Training Program undertaken at Rashtriya Susamachar Parishad, located at Izzat Nagar, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, was attacked by a mob of religious fundamentalists this evening.

The 3-Day Training Program, was being held from 06 September – today is the final day of the program, where 27 persons had enrolled.

Rashtriya Susamachar Parishad is a private and established Centre for the past 25 years. During the Program, an unidentified youth walked in observed the program and left. He soon returned with a slogan shouting mob, accompanied with Police Officials, who demanded that the proceedings be stopped.

Pr Ashok Benjamin, Pr Shiv Charan & Br Vijay who were leading the discussion, were brutally beaten up by the mob, alleging ‘religious conversion’ training, while the Police Officials were mute spectators. Both were eventually taken to Prem nagar Police Station, Bareilly, while the mob followed them there. ‘

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Vijay Masih mentioned that the situation outside the Police Station was still hostile, as the religious fundamentalists have virtually created a siege around the police station, raising slogans.

Church pray for the safe release of these men of God and for the situation to return to normalcy.

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2 thoughts on “Training Program attacked by religious fundamentalists, Uttar Pradesh”

  1. Praying for God’s supernatural intervention and wisdom for our Brothers. May Our Great Shepherd delver them and keep them safe from all the plots of men and the devil in Jesus name

  2. The Euro Union Parliament on September 5th has specifically mentioned India as one of the 19 nations in Government sponsored minority religious persecution. Also on 4th September the (USCIRF) United States International Commission of Religious Freedom has indicated that ” India is among the countries where Religious freedom is infringed and Government tolerate violence”.

    The U.S., Euro Union and other democratic nations will be penalizing the current administration of India for her sponsoring of minority persecution through monetary punishments.

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