TPM Sisters assaulted; in return they forgive Persecutors

Physically assaulted and terrorized sisters in Christ, forgive persecutors

Persecution Relief Correspondent, Mar 05, 2018


The Pentecostal Mission’s (TPM) International Headquarters is situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Their Annual Convention 2018, is scheduled to take place from 08th to the 12th of March 2018, at Roja Street, S.V. Nagar Post, Irumbuliyur, Near Tambaram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Thousands of devotees from all over the world attend the Convention every year. During this time, as the word of God is shared to prepare the believers for the 2nd coming of Jesus our Saviour, it is also a time of retreat – a time of prayer, fasting, nourishing and transformative time on the revelations from word of God.


Sisters Parimalam, Saral, Kalyan and Shanthi, were physically assaulted and terrorized by religious fundamentalists for distributing flyers on the event, at Urapakkam, a town in Kancheepuram District, on a public street.  While they sat waiting on the pavement of a shop for 2 others sisters to join them, the shopkeeper, noticing the flyers in their possession, straightaway raised his voice and began shouting and accusing them of distributing Christian literature and converting people. He threatened to report them to the Police and imprison them if they did not stop their distribution.

Though the sisters tried to explain that they were only distributing notices for the weekend Convention, all the same, the shopkeeper alerted the “Hindu Makkal Katchi” radicals, a right-wing Hindu Nationalist Party with a strong presence in Tamil Nadu. Once they arrived, it was complete bedlam. The flyers were confiscated from the Sisters who were physically assaulted and pushed to the ground. Their Bibles were also confiscated. The flyers, Christian literature, including personal Bibles were all set on fire on the public road.

An FIR was filed against the shop keeper but withdrawn later in the evening by the TPM Sisters. They went to the Police Station and stated that they would like to withdraw the FIR as they were followers of Jesus Christ and would like to forgive their persecutors, just as Jesus Christ did. They also used the opportunity to testify about the power of prayer and forgiveness. They said:

“We will not fight with you. Instead, we will kneel down and pray for you. Christians are people who love and no one will be able to destroy us because the Almighty God is with us”.

“You are not persecuting Christians but you are persecuting Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords”.

“The end is coming and your own eyes will see the Power of Almighty GOD JESUS. His name is El Shaddai. He reigns”.

Evangelist John Joseph from “Christian Ambassadors Troop”, spoke to the Founder, Persecution Relief, Bro. Shibu Thomas, from the Police Station to brief him about the incident. Today, 05th March, the team are planning on meeting the District Collect and the DSP.

These incidents, continue to spotlight the need for concerted government action to improve women’s safety. Tamil Nadu has witnessed many incidents of Bible burning. The District Administration, Judiciary and all government agencies are allegedly conniving with the caste and religious outfits, trying to break down the resolve of Christians. This incident was video graphed by the religious fanatic groups and published on social media, in order to spread fear and panic among the women across the state and among Christians. The smallest and most trivial incidents are exploited and manipulated by the Hindu fundamentalists, to bring about communal tensions.

Church, pray for these brave sisters in Christ, to continue to shine the light of Jesus Christ in this dark country.

Pray that the witness of these Sisters who planted the seeds of the Gospel, will take deep root and God will cause the growth.

Pray that God will convict the unrepentant persecutors of their sin and awaken in them the need for salvation.

Pray that many more Christians who are timid to speak a word for the sake of the Lord, will take the risk and not be frightened.

“For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline. Therefore do not be ashamed of the testimony of our Lord,” (2 Tim. 1:7-8).

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11 thoughts on “TPM Sisters assaulted; in return they forgive Persecutors”

  1. Chennai International Convention begins on March 7th Wednesday evening and ends on March 11th Sunday night.

  2. It needs be checked whether these TPM sisters forgive their co workers. Their chief pope (Matt 23:8-11) must have instructed them of tpm policy of avoiding police station so they make drama of forgiveness. Ask them, if they really have forgiveness Spirit of Christ then why do they punish their members on taking a small aspirin pill, or marrying outside their church ? Why don’t they forgive their believers if they participate communion with other church?
    Why are such believers punished by not giving them communion for six months. Why a believer of Jesus Christ is forcefully rebaptised saying only baptism by tpm pastor is valid and baptism by hands of other Christians is invalid? Why won’t they forgive their co workers and go on to extent of murdering them in anger? Why did they murder Pastor Kangraj ? Tpm is cult which keeps its members from mixing with any other church members. Visit for more details about this cult that enslaves people from liberty in Christ to yoke of rules regulations and law, and which preaches another gospel n salvation by works (consecration). Even shakers cult founder was imprisoned and beaten ! Dies that mean she was body of Christ who called herself bride of Christ and said there is no more second coming of Jesus, but she herself is fulfillment of prophecy of Jesus on earth for second time.

  3. They are not TPM sisters, but believers. God will do miraculous work of salvation there. No complaints, Let’s tell to God. He will take care the matter. Amen

  4. Not right to man handle women in public places non can take laws in their hand who may belong to any religion,This is nothing but illtreating people of other faiths in the name of religion specially Christianity. They do deserve severe punishment ,but the victimised sisters have forgiven them as Lord Jesus did forgive his persecutors..

  5. Praise the Lord.In India every one has the fundamental right to practice and preach their faith.But one should not force others.If anyone does not like others action in preaching their religion just ignore but do not confront.The sisters have behaved what they preach.May Jesus forgive those who stood against

  6. The devil deceived the foolish people who disturbed the sister so let’s bind the demon in Jesus mighty name.

    And we shall pray for the anti Christians for their salvation.

    Major General Prophet Aseer

  7. All the glory to be to the Lord
    Sisters could understand very clearly that …the shop keeper not involved in that but the demon who is ruling him he forced to do that… so every situation we must be very clear to understand …..We must love the soul as Lord loves us….this is Christianity

  8. Hooliganism and arrogance go hand in hand especially with the current regime in India. One thing for sure is the domains of devil will not win against God almighty. Just wait and see

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