TPM ‘Fasting & Prayer Meeting’ disrupted, Elder Beaten, Rajasthan

TPM ‘Fasting & Prayer Meeting’ disrupted, Elder Beaten, Rajasthan

Shouting anti-Christian slogans, a group of religious fanatics stormed a TPM (The Pentecostal Mission) ‘Fasting and Prayer’ Meeting, disrupting the meeting and terrorizing the congregation, at Bikaner District, Rajasthan.

Mother Elizabeth, (Mother in-charge and head of all TPM Sisters at the Centre), narrated the incident to Persecution Relief.

On Friday, 10th May, a 3-day special “Fasting and Prayer meeting” was organised at the rented premises of “Shri Guru Jameshwar Maharaj, Charitable Trust, Public Park”, Bikaner, Rajasthan. The final concluding day was Sunday, 12th May, after the Sunday Worship service.

The meeting held on both days – 10th and 11th May, went ahead peacefully and congregation were blessed by the presence of the Lord.

On Sunday 12th May, during the Sunday Worship service, around 60 odd members were attending the meeting. During Testimony time, Sis. Jyothi, a member of TPM ministerial team was sharing her testimony, of her grave illness – where she felt like she was in her death bed, and was being transported to heaven, and how God supernaturally healed her.

Around 6 religious fanatics barged inside the hall, shouting slogans, with the intent of terrorizing the Christians at the meeting. They demanded that all the ladies leave the premises immediately. In the ensuing terror and chaos, the ladies were chased out with their little one. But Mother Elizabeth, Mother in-charge and head of all TPM Sisters, refused to leave as Bro. Devdas, In-charge of the Church was isolated and challenged by these religious goons.

Once they had vacated the hall, they isolated Bro. Devdas, abused him alleging religious conversion, snatched his personal Holy Bible and brutally beat him up. Mother Elizabeth and other elders, did their best to resist the assault on Bro. Devdas and intervene, but many of the Christians present were beaten, punched and kicked.

The Police were informed, who rushed to the scene of the crime, rescued Bro. Devdas and controlled the escalating situation.

According to Rajasthan’s restrictive laws and abiding by the regulations, the local officials were notified of the 3-day ‘Fasting and Prayer” by the Church. Falsely accusing and abusing them for failing to inform the authorities, they treated the silent, law-abiding, non-resistant Christians, rudely, humiliating them, with no regard for the truth.

Nothing can justify the overwhelming terror and force used by this mob of religious fanatics or the negligence of the administration.

“We consider it a joy to suffer for our Lord and we forgive our Persecutors. Let the Lord deal with them as the battle belongs to our Lord and we are in His service”, added Mother Elizabeth.

TPM Church Leaders did not file a formal complaint with the Police but chose to forgive and pray for their persecutors.

Christians across India, have been facing a rising wave of violence in the past few years. Many attacks are believed to be politically motivated, in an effort to polarize the community, especially in the run up to the elections in April 2019.

Persecution Relief has recorded more than 477 persecution incidents in 2018, across the 29 states of India. Rajasthan recorded 11 incidents of hate-crimes. The doors of a multitude of Churches have been sealed and scores arrested on false charges of indulging in conversion activities.

In 2019, 2 incidents of hate-crime have been recorded from Rajasthan this year.

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