Evangelist Rose Mary hails from the beautiful hill station of Dehradun which is located in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand. 14 years ago, her life changed drastically after she had a supernatural encounter with Jesus Christ. She then made a decision to surrender her life to God and devoted herself towards his service.  She courageously went around preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in and around her locality.

4 years ago, she was at a prayer meeting in a place called Patri which features in the Haridwar Zilla. There, a sick man named Om Prakash Nath was brought to her to be prayed over. He was severely ill and in a bad condition. The people who brought Om Prakash explained that his organs were gradually failing and his lungs were filling up with water. They had sought out many doctors and other forms of treatments but none of this proved to be helpful to Om Prakash. They were then directed by a well wisher to come to Evangelist Rose Mary’s prayer meeting.

Rose Mary was moved with compassion when she saw an ailing Om Prakash and willingly prayed for him to be healed in Jesus Name. Since that day, 48-year-old, Om Prakash began to recover and was eventually healed completely, all glory to God! Experiencing the power of God in his life, Om Prakash soon got in touch with Rose Mary to find out where he could fellowship and pray with other believers. Rose Mary told him that she regularly conducts prayer meetings where she lives, a place called Dhaniyawala.

Om Prakash was thrilled to hear about the church meetings as he also lived in Dhaniyawala. Om Prakash then invited Rose Mary to his home to meet his family and pray with them. She gladly obliged and visited his home which was in a Basti (a small cluster of makeshift houses mostly occupied by nomadic people).

Om Prakash comes from a clan of Snake Charmers- People, who for centuries have been involved in catching snakes, taking out their fangs and removing its venom glands. They then entertain people by appearing to hypnotize the snake by playing a musical instrument called a ‘been’ or a ‘pungi’ in front of it, causing the reptile to sway. Since this trade has been declared illegal in India, Snake Charmers now assume roles as Hindu gods and goddesses, adorning themselves with religious attires and beg for a living.

Rose Mary gradually began to minister in the Basti where Om Prakash lived. Many Snake Charmers and their families started attending her prayer meetings and giving their lives to Jesus Christ. Currently, 30-40 families have adopted Christianity. Many of these families live in tents and temporary homes, while a few have permanent homes.

After the Nation locked down to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus, many of these families started facing financial difficulties as they are mostly people who have temporary jobs and work on a day to day basis. With no savings and restriction of movement, these families often found themselves going to sleep hungry.

A few affluent people in the vicinity were distributing food supplies to the poor, so the Christians from the Basti approached them for help. Instead, the distributors turned around and said, “Why don’t you ask your madam (Rose Mary) for food?” Even a few unbelieving neighbors instigated the distributors against giving the Christians food!

Earlier this year, a few religious goons from the vicinity had disrupted a prayer meeting conducted by Rose Mary in the Basti.  They began to harass her even after she sought the police for help. During that time, these simple Christians from the Basti, testified to the Police and the religious goons saying, “This lady teaches us good lessons and is always ready to help us, we come together to pray of our own free will. She has showed us and our children the way of life. “

Keeping all these things in mind, the unbelieving villagers and distributors refused to give aid to the Christians. A few of these Christians are also suffering from terminal illnesses like Diabetes and Blood Pressure issues. For them, a daily dose of medicine and regular food is a priority and necessity. Sadly, these issues are affecting them more severely than the Corona Virus.

When these circumstances were brought to her knowledge, God reminded Rose Mary about Persecution Relief, who had helped and supported her when she was persecuted by the religious fanatics earlier this year. Rose Mary called Persecution Relief and explained the sorry plight of the Christians, many of whom didn’t even have ration cards to provide a square meal. Being abundantly blessed by many people around the world who generously contribute towards the upliftment of the persecuted Church in India, Persecution Relief, in turn was able to bless and bring relief to the Christians living in the Basti of Dhaniyawala.

God, in his great wisdom, knits faithful Christians together for reasons beyond our understanding. He sees the big picture. Rose Mary obediently answered to God’s call over her life and surrendered herself to him. In return, God used her to heal and deliver many from evil, one of whom is Om Prakash. His willingness to share God’s mercy and restoration eventually rescued the Christians in his community from starvation and allowed the Persecution Relief Family to be a source of God’s provision to them.


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