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Dear Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji,

Persecution Relief, representing the persecuted Christian Community in India, would like to express our grave concern on the increasing intolerance and violence the Christian communities experience.

A Pastor in Tamil Nadu was found murdered in the early hours of Saturday, 20th January 2018. It is alleged that Pastor Gideon Periyaswamy was brutally beaten and tortured by religious fundamentalists before being murdered. His body was found hanging in the Church at Kovathur, on ECR Road, near Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu, situated on the Coromandel Coast, 70 kilometers South of Chennai.

Pastor had been receiving frequent death threats. Earlier, religious fundamentalists had vandalized the roof of the Church. Another time, they had cut the water supply that was provided from the Village Panchayat, removed the bore well, beat and threatened him on many occasions, accusing him of converting people to Christianity.

In another case, in the Jammu region of Jammu and Kashmir, a Sis. Seema Devi, who is a Christian died due to sickness. Her husband was not allowed to bury her body instead religious fanatics burned her body in front of the Church and later, the Church building was also burned.


Hon. Prime Minister, this is by no means an isolated incident. In recent times, there has been an unprecedented crackdown on Christians across the spectrum and this episode has further aggrieved us. India is a pluralistic society with a long-standing commitment to inclusion and tolerance. We place our faith in you to help foster a stable and inclusive country, respect religious minorities, including their religious freedom.

Persecution Relief is engaged in providing support to the persecuted Church and have recorded nearly 1200 persecution incidents over the last 2 years. The Christian community strongly condemns the outbreak of violence, discrimination, and rampant attacks on Churches, Christian Institutions and against the Christian citizens of this land.

Mr. Modi, in the interest of justice, we respectfully seek urgent and immediate redressal of this provocative climate of communal discord in this land. We are seeking an appointment immediately to discuss this grave situation.

Sincerely, in Christ,

Shibu Thomas,
Founder, President
INDIA: +91-9993200020
21 January 2018



Persecution Relief wishes to withhold personal information to protect the victims of Christian Persecution, hence names and places have been changed. Please know that the content and the presentation of views are the personal opinion of the persons involved and do not reflect those of Persecution Relief. Persecution Relief assumes no responsibility or liability for the same. All Media Articles posted on our website, are not edited by Persecution Relief and is reproduced as generated on the respective website. The views expressed are the Authors/Websites own. If you wish to acquire more information, please email us at: or reach us on WhatsApp: +91 9993200020

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  1. भाई सरकार एवं सरकार के चलाने वाले ही ऐसा कर रहे हैं ।
    Government leaders are involved for these incidents

  2. Mr Prime Minister Christians well Remain Christians Even if you persecute us and kill us…We are Christians because We are Chosen by Christ and saved by his blood…
    The Contribution of the Christian Community to the Development and Peace of the Country huge History cannot be destroyed ….Most of your Ministers and Mary darshaks from Sarvokar to Advani and Piyush Goal and Smriti Irani owe it to the Christian Institutions ..Are they Hindus or Christians…???Have they been forcibly Converted ..????We may be a small minority but We are great Citizens of this Country and Christians ate Second to None
    So Stop Being Silent …Stop being A Mute Spectator Stop Being Blind Deaf and Dumb…Stop and Take Preventive and Corrective Steps Now …lest U be Warned by the Countries and Indians face Catastrophic Consequences
    Act Now Lest U reap Consequences later.

    1. Coexistence of all religious people! How can we expect from the settlers who strive to establish ‘ramrajya’. Not only they persecute the minorities, but also they are putting an end to the help the minorities get by cancelling thousands of FERA registrations. EVR said the cobra has a very small pouch full of venom, but the people who toil hard to establish a Hindu theocratic nation possess bodies full of venom. Let us pray, educate, organise and express our fear in unity as Christ body in all peaceful ways/manners.
      God be with you all who stand for the truth, justice and peace.

  3. Our honorable Prime minister is aware of these incidents. In spite of his being aware of this, if he continues to be silent about such atrocities, it can be understood as his complicity with such atrocities.

  4. Dear Bro Shibu, this is definitely the right step at this time. Let’s mobilize prayer that the petition may receive the necessary hearing. May God Bless You.

  5. Praise the Lord brother.
    This letter is very important and necessary to us. Honourable Prime minister must take necessary steps to stop these barbarian acts.

  6. We are the chosen people of God. We will PRAY. At the same time we must get justice as Indian citizen. May God touch the authorities. We are with you the persecuted Church.

  7. Dear Brother,
    God will strengthen you to stand before the government to raise the concerns. However we don’t know how much they will support us or stand for the Truth.

    At the same time, let us submit our case to the hands of the creator of the Universe. Definitely He will hear our cry and will come down with His glory.

    May God Bless you and provide you all the facilities/provisions to stand for the brothers and sisters who ate going through persecution. We pray for you all.

    Let India accept The Good News!!!


  8. PTL. Dear Br., may our God Almighty strengthen you & PRO to take up the matter of Christian persecution in India in its fullest length & depth with our PM for justice & religious freedom. My prayers and all support in the Lord. Benji.

  9. India is a democratic country and allows the practice of one’s religion with freedom. Threatening and killing is not at all a sign of what – for the people, by the people and of the people stands for.
    We pray that God gives strength to the pastors family, and hope that the govt officials will look into the matter so that such things will not happen.

    This gospel shall be preached!

  10. Dear brother Shibu, it is a brave effort to represent the Christian community in India, we are with you! May God be with you always.
    MT, SOS Foundation, Chennai. & Coordinator at DFH Ministries Chennai.
    Ph. 8807770110.

  11. I am from Gujarat. Our prime minister also from Gujarat. Our PM knows Christians are peace loving ,law abiding citizens. I know there are good number of Christians supporting his political party. I think that he doesn’t want non Christians to become Christians. We Christians know we have to preach Christ because through the blood sending, death, burial and resurrection of Christ mankind is blessed with everlasting life. Not only that while we as in the world Jesus usus each one of us to heal the sick, to deliver the demon possessed, and to deliver the drunk and drug addicted to come out of their addiction. Oh it is a wonderful thing to serve and proclaim christ because of the result it brings the transformation in the lives of people. But many believe it is a threat to their own religion. They put religion above humanity and all these assaults on those who preach Christ. Whatever May the government such things will happen. Christ himself told us not get afraid of death thteats. I believe God permitted martyrdom throughout the history of Church. Let us pray that the suffering Christians stand firm for Christ even to the point of death..and help them in whatever capacity it is possible. Christ is our strength and He will sail us through the storm. Oh what a mighty yet loving God we have. Praise and glory to him.

  12. Dear PM Modiji… It is disheartening. God appointed you as a PM of such a big democratic country. We believe in God and pray for you.

  13. Shalom שלום

    Persecution Relief Team
    Dear Br. Shibu Thomas,

    Great initiative, we are together, very strong, no weapons fashioned against us will prosper. May the Lord lead with his divine wisdom. We as a Church are Praying for the concerns.

    Wish you the best this year 2018.
    5 (Grace) Keys:
    Open Doors, Fruitfulness, Multiplication, Subdueing all the forces of evil and Excersing Kingdom Authority.

    Once again joy to be in touch PR Team.

    A Big God Bless You All

    Ps. Raja Nayagam
    In His Vineyard

    NAMMA Bengaluru

  14. Dear Sir, appreciate your initiative to address the issues that the Christian community is facing to national leaders in India . It is very demanded. Our prayers are with you. May the Lord bless our nation and its leaders..

  15. Wonderful effort Bro. Shibu. May the Lord speak into the heart of our Prime Minister. May the Lord remove the stone-heart and give him a heart of flesh to discern the ways of the Loving God.
    Modiji, please note that the entire Indian Christian Community is utterly dissatisfied with your government. Your silence only shows that your government also supports these attrocities on Christians in the nation. Whatever may happen, nothing is ever going to deter us from our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

  16. Dear Pastor Shibu, you have taken a bold step we are with you. A learned person can understand what Christians done and doing here. Behind the shadow of politics, the people who has no common sense, are insisting others, to do this. With much prayer, we Christians should come forward, with one accord, to fight for justice.

  17. This is a great step in order to get the rights of Chriatians . Let the hand of God be with you. Many of us have been praying for couple of years for this matter. I believe that this is the stand up like Nehemiah and like Esther to inform our situation to the Government. May the hand of God be with you , Shibu. Our prayers are with you.

  18. What is Mr PM Modi doing? how can he give deaf ears to so many crimes happening in our country especially to our christian innocent victims. We Christians are not converting anyone
    what do you think that people who are accepting JESUS don’t they have their own mind to do whatever they feel like?
    This is free country and we all belong to India

    Mr PM you are so busy travelling all over the place trying to ignore
    why are you doing this what you are doing
    India belongs to every Christian, Muslim, Sikh and Hindu just because it is named Hindustan doesn’t mean it belongs to only Hindus
    We all own the land India as we are born in India
    In the Indian Army there are soldiers from various religion and all of them fight for India and safe guard India from enemies and so many soldiers irrespective of their religion have died protecting India
    Then how can you say or do what is being done.
    Shame on the Hindutva gang who are killing their own citizens in their home town instead they should be in front defending the Country what they call their own
    If they have that much DAM in their BUM they should be protecting the citizens of India and should fight with enemies
    Don’t show your gunda Gardi in your home
    Instead show it in front of enemies

  19. Praise the Lord Br Shibu
    Thank you very much for all your efforts and may God bless you for all you do. Our prayers are with you.

  20. Honourable PM Modi Sir. You PM for all. we believe God has chosen you. sir have responsibility of doing justice to all. please have some love in your heart not just in words. Lord’s second coming is very near. The intolerance,persecutions show us the pact His coming n judging is for sure. His children will be rewarded.
    Praise God for Persecution Relief effort.
    We are with you and praying for you.
    God bless you

    PS.Ramesh Yadav

  21. Great job by Bro. Shibhu Thomas. We have to raise our voice against the percicution and percicuters. They have no right to do harm to the Christian community. We have to be one for our Christian community. We have to pray earnestly for the percicuted churches. May God change the situation. May God bless His Church. May this nation declared as a Christian nation. Amen

      1. Please conduct a mass rally at all state level as early as possible to resister our opposition against this kind of religiousless atrocities against the peace loving community in india

  22. Please conduct a mass rally at all state level as early as possible to resister our opposition against this kind of religiousless atrocities against the peace loving community in india

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