The Lord’s Rescue

The Lord’s Rescue
“The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him”. Psalm 37:4

“We had a evening prayer in a pastors house and visited his village at Bharatpur district, Rajasthan  for prayer yesterday.

Exhausted after driving the whole day, and ministering in several places, it was too late to return back to the city. We stayed back, having in mind, that we have to leave early, because  it’s Holi. In the morning  we were about to leave, and some fanatics noted the car, and checked in the house where we stayed. Very soon, they formed a group, and they blocked the way and planned the attack. 60 to 70 people surrounded our exits.

Prayers and intercession all over the land protected us from them for hours before 2 Policemen came and escorted us out safely to the city. We were covered in prayers all through that commotion time. Surely, they who are on our side are far greater in number than our enemies. For a moment the Word became very real to me and peace filled me up. Angels were sent to deliver us. An experience that built another level of faith in me.

Thank you precious people for standing with us in prayers. This land needs more prayers. God is on the move, let’s catch on!!

Sure, God is on the move, in a greater dimension than ever before. Harvest is white. Missions is a challenge. Take the Challenge! The Lord shall bless, deliver, save, multiply, and establish His kingdom on earth through His servants!!

Persecution Relief family, thank you for praying for us. We were surrounded by the glory cloud that did not allow the swelling group to touch us in any way. Safely escorted by His angels when police people came.

God bless you for standing in the gap for the servants of God!!”

Missionary for Jesus!
Joel Suchith

2018 Persecution Relief News.
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