Thatched Church reduced to ashes in arson attack, Tamil Nadu

Thatched Church reduced to ashes in arson attack, Tamil Nadu

Pastor Sabastiyan standing in front of his thatched Church 

Pastor Sabastiyan had been serving the Lord part-time, along with a secular job for the past 10 years. However, when he was definitely and firmly persuaded that it was God’s call upon his life, he gave up everything to serve full-time for the past 3 years.

Pastor Sabastiyan ministers at “All to Jesus” Church, in Valkudi village, Thiruparkadal, Nagapattinam District in Tamil Nadu. Over 50 believers regularly gather in this thatched roof Church, built on a rented land, since the past 1 year.

On Monday, 29th morning, one of the Church members, Bro. Selva Kumar, had gone to the Church for a time of prayer, when he found the Church completely gutted in a fire. Shocked beyond words, he called Pastor to inform him about the calamity.

Pastor who lives in Thirupurkad village, located some 6 kms away, rushed to the site to find that nothing could be salvaged – chairs, pulpit, floor mats, Holy Bibles and music instruments were completely destroyed to ashes.

Talking to Persecution Relief, Pastor mentioned that the Church was located in an interior village with no houses in the vicinity. He also added that there was no electricity in the Church for a possibility of short circuit to have caused the fire. Expressing shock, Pastor was sad that somebody could indulge in arson of a religious property in order to obstruct a person’s right to exercise his religious beliefs.

The loss and damage is estimated at Rs. 45, 000/- Pastor has solicited our prayers and support to rebuild the Church.

If any of you are led by the Holy Spirit to support Pastor Sabastiyan in rebuilding the Church, please write to us at

Church, pray for the protection of Pastor and the congregation, and for the salvation of the persecutors, that they may all come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Persecution Relief has recorded 477 persecution incidents in 2018 of which 67 incidents were recorded in Tamil Nadu – the 2nd hostile state following Uttar Pradesh.

In 2019, 20 hate-crime incidents have been recorded in Tamil Nadu, in just the first quarter.  Church arson attacks continue to be a problem, as the number of churches that have been destroyed, have increased dramatically in just the past 4 months this year.  This is the 11th Church that had been targeted by arsonists.

We are grateful to Dr. Morvinyabesh, who helped Pastor and the Church from the moment he heard of Church burning in Tamil Nadu – for informing about the incident to Persecution Relief.

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