Thatched Church building burned to ashes, Tamil Nadu.

Thatched Church building burned to ashes, Tamil Nadu.

Pr John and his wife 

Br. Jeya Kumar informed Persecution Relief about the arson attack on the thatched Church where Pr.John was ministering.

Pr.John Christopher,  has been leading and ministering the  ElShaddai Revival Church, on a property that belongs to  a believer named Mr. Ramamurty, for the past 3 years at Radhapuram, a village in  Viluppuram district, in the state of Tamil Nadu, India.

The thatched Church building shelters around 60 Believers, who regularly gather to worship the Lord Jesus Christ.

On  the 30/9/19,  Pr.John, who lives near the Church got a shocking call, delivering devastating news that the  Church building had been burned to ashes.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pr.John told us that they had been facing a  resistance from the religious fanatics. The local believers had been sharing the Gospel and distributing tracts in the vicinity of the Church. Due to their animosity, the fanatics had threatened the local Christians in the past.

Persecution Relief has recorded 330 incidents of hate crime against Christians in 2016, 440 incidents in 2017, 477 incidents in 2018 and till August 2019 we have recorded 302 incidents of Christian Persecution against Christains in India.

A dejected Pr.John, told us that the damages have cost them more than Rs 1 lac as the PA System, Music System, Chairs, fans etc have been burned to ashes.

Image of Church before it was burned 
The believers are all basically poor people.  To build the church again, will not only be challenging but also very difficult.

Church, we request you to stand with us in Prayer for our fellow believers, if you wish to support the Church please write to us at :

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