‘Supreme Court must direct state governments to prevent attacks on Churches’

‘Supreme Court must direct state governments to prevent attacks on Churches’

MUMBAI: President of Indian Christian Voice and former vice-chairman of Maharashtra Minorities Commission Abraham Mathai has petitioned the Supreme Court to direct state governments to prevent attacks on Churches on Christian eve. 

“Just two days ago, a church in Kolhapur was attacked and over half a dozen members of the Christian community are injured. The apex court must direct the different state governments to prevent attack on churches, especially on the festive occasion of Christmas,” Mathai said. He added that in 2017, out of 384 reported attacks on Churches, 15 were on Christmas Day.

Mathai said that the Supreme Court’s earlier order permitting use of firecrackers till 12. 30 am on Christmas eve was “unnecessary.” “Instead of encouraging people, especially Christians to burst crackers on Christmas night, the apex court should have instructed the state governments to protect churches from the potential vandals on Christmas eve,” he added

source: timesofindia

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  1. Ask and it shall be given…..yes we Christians should had approached the local administration along with police department for security of churches and Christmas programs. Is there not SHANTI Samiti in every district’s ? Our representatives should be there…otherwise things will happen always…..we should raise our voice and should be united …brethren…

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