Sunday Worship Service stopped in UP

A Pastor has been brutally beaten by a mob of religious fundamentalists who stormed into the Church during Sunday worship Service. Police have arrested and taken him into custody for alleged conversion activities.
Located at Sareni village in Lalganj Tehsil of Rae Bareli district in Uttar Pradesh, Pastor Ram Naresh, lives with his wife and 3 daughters. Originally a farmer, he was working in Punjab. But when he heard the call of the Lord, he gave up everything to return to his village and serve Jesus Christ. He continues to farm while also taking care of a small Church of believers.
Every Sunday, around 50 believers gather to worship at the Pastors residence, which has been the practice for the past one year. As usual, on the 17th December, Sunday worship started with prayer. Suddenly, a mob of fanatics trespassed illegally into the Church and brutally beat the Pastor, disrupting the worship service and desecrating the sacredness of the sanctuary. The Pastor was later arrested by the Police under section IPC 151,161,170 falsely claiming that he was involved in conversion activities.
He was eventually released on bail with 3 guarantors,for a bond of 2lacs.

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  1. In India, an indian can follow any religion of his choice, which is guaranteed by the constitution. People who are against change of religion do violate Indian constitution. We pray that their eyes may be opened.

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