Sunday Worship Service forcibly stopped

Sunday Worship Service forcibly stopped as fundamentalists surround House Church, Uttar Pradesh

Pastor Pramod Maurya from Palia Bujurg Village in Hathgaon Tehsil in Fatehpur District of Uttar Pradesh, has been ministering from his ‘house Church’ for the last 8 years. More than 300 believers gather every Sunday for the worship service.
Several families from the Yadav tribe have committed their lives to following Jesus Christ. One among them was a notorious criminal named Bro. Raj Bahadur Yadav. He committed his life to Christ about 3 years ago, had given up all his bad ways and lives a respectable and God-fearing life in the neighborhood. Full of zeal and passion for the Lord, he felt the Lord asking him to build a Church in his own personal land.
This land is just adjacent to his home. As the construction work was in progress, a mob of religious fundamentalists, members from the Ram Dal, trespassed into the property, with the Police accompanying them. They demanded that the construction work stop and falsely claimed that that Bro. Raj Bahadur Yadav was getting funds from overseas and was using the same to build the Church and convert people.
Based on these fabricated charges, on 14th December, Bro. Raj Bahadur Yadav, his older brother, Bro. Jang Bahadur Yadav and Bro. Santosh Mourya were arrested under 151 penal code and were released from bail on the 15th – the next day.
On 17th December, Sunday Worship Service could not take place as the entire house was surrounded by a mob of fundamentalists and harassment from the authorities.
All over India, many houses churches are closing down which is a matter of great concern. Church congregations are constantly under surveillance and forced to close down the Church.
We also need to specially pray for the new believers who are not able to have fellowship – that their faith would not weaken and that they should stand firm till the trumpet is blown.
We need the free church in India to be aware of these atrocities and partner with persecuted Church in india. Church, please continue to pray that these men of God will proclaim the gospel boldly and faithfully.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Worship Service forcibly stopped”

  1. We are praying for perscuted churches in all over India. I believe that this persecution will turned into great revival in this land. As God transformed Bro. Raj Bahadur yadav as His servant, He will transformed whome those are behind perscution. We thank God for those brethren who are facing challenges bacause they are preaching about truth. We are with you brethren.

  2. Continuing in intercession for divine intervention. Our God is greater than than the gods of the darkness. He will conquer. Thank you for the update. Blessings in Christ.
    Rodger Sukh

  3. The greatest king in India “Ashoka” changed his religion 2 times from buddhism to jainism & vice versa. He lived Before Christ ie. BC. Any one can change his religion when he sees the best or original. If the people of today understand this concept of King Ashoka, they will not persecute.

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