Sunday worship service disrupted; Pastors & congregation beaten, Madhya Pradesh

Sunday worship service disrupted; Pastors & congregation beaten, Madhya Pradesh

Pr. Ankit Rao & Pr. Sanjay Ukye – both the Pastors affiliated to the “Believer’s Church” were worshiping along with 15 believers at their residence. Sunday worship started as usual with 15 believers at 1.00 pm.

Around 2 pm, a mob of religious fundamentalists illegally trespassed into their residence raising anti-Christian slogans.  They barged in and verbally abused, threatened and beat the Christians meeting in the house, especially both the Pastors seriously injuring them. They were accused of forceful conversion of the local radicals.

Both the Pastors were taken to the Police Station and arrested without giving any reason. They were also physically assaulted at the Police station.

No other arrests were made.

Both Pastors were released on the 07th of December 2017.

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