Sullia: Korga families converted to Christianity denied govt facilities in Panja GP

Sullia: Korga families converted to Christianity denied govt facilities in Panja GP

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Sullia, Nov 3: The families who got converted to Christianity as they felt that they were oppressed by the higher caste people in the Hindu religion to which they belonged are in dire straits now.

As these families who originally belonged to the Koraga community are Christians now, they are not getting any facilities. Now they are urging for compensation with the administration. These families reside in Pallodi under the limits of Sullia gram panchayat (GP).

Around 1965 these Koraga caste families arrived at Pallodi of Panja gram panchayat from Manjeshwar of Kerala state. During those days when caste system in Hinduism was at its peak and people of lower castes were oppressed by the higher caste Hindus. In order to get rid of the oppression, these families got converted to Christianity under the then parish priest of Panja church. The church also provided them with small houses.


One of the houses in Pallodi


Arrangements were also made to provide all government facilities to these families from the local mandala panchayat. However, now the present gram panchayat is not providing the facilities as there is confusion in the family records. The names of some members of the family is Hindu in the Aadhar card while others have Christian names. That is why these families are deprived from getting the facilities from the government which are given to scheduled tribe castes.

The houses of all these families are in dilapidated condition. They are unable to get the government scheme to build houses also. Except the cross that is hanging from their necks and crosses in their homes, these people are not officially taken into Christianity. So they neither get the facilities given for scheduled tribes nor those that are provided for minorities. If they approach Panja gram panchayat they are told to go to the church and get facilities.

The earlier mandal panchayats were giving all facilities to these families. However, now the gram panchayat is denying the same facilities.

These families make their living by weaving baskets from the branches that are available in nearby jungles. They are suffering from malnutrition. Local administration has to come to their aid and help them out of this situation.

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