Sub-Inspector asks believer to forsake Christianity.Uttar Pradesh

Sub-Inspector asks believer to forsake Christianity.Uttar Pradesh

Rahul Kumar is a believer who serves the ‘Assemblies of God’ Church in a village called Nautor in Bahraich, a district of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Around 5:30pm on 09/01/2020, an SUV loaded with police officials, including Sub Inspector (SI) Jitender , 3 Constables, 2 lady constables came to Rahul Kumar’s house without any prior notice.

As they approached an already perplexed Rahul, the SI begunquestioning him, “are you a Christian?” Rahul, who was beginning to sense what the interrogation was all about confidently replied, “I am INDIAN.” Not satisfied with Rahul’s reply, he further asked, “do you believe in Jesus?” Rahul acknowledged “yes.”

“Why do you believe in an English God? Are you not aware that the British enslaved us and ruled over us? Please forsake thisReligion and return to Hinduism.” Came the SI’s ignorant response. “They are slowly converting people and they will come back and rule over us! do you want that to happen? “hewent on to reason.  Attempting to insinuate fear into Rahul, the SI promised to come back the following Sunday before leaving with his team.

Police officials should ensure that everyone has the freedom to practice their faith. It is the constitutional right of every Indian citizen. Astonishingly, they are the ones violating those rights and instilling fear and ignorance in the minds of the common people.

On this occasion, a senior Police official has displayed his shallow and illiterate attitude not only in relation to his duty as a public  servant but also towards his knowledge about religion.What can we expect then from the People who are supposed to uphold law and order in our land? With ideologies within the law-enforcement agencies being compromised, India faces many uncertainties. Over the last 3 years, Uttar Pradesh has topped the charts, putting itself up at a maximum number of 109 cases of Christian Persecution being recorded.

According to a report featured in a News Paper called the ‘AmarUjala’, 21 families from the Bahraich district alone have been reconverted back to Hinduism (Ghar Wapsi).

Persecution Relief has recorded 330 incidents of hate crime against Christians in 2016, 440 incidents in 2017, 477 incidents in 2018 and in 2019  we have recorded 527 incidents of Christian Persecution against Christians  in India.

US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) ranked India’s persecution severity at “Tier 2” along with Iraq and Afghanistan. Over the past seven years, India has risen from No. 31 to No. 10 on Open Doors’ World Watch List, ranking just behind Iran in persecution severity.

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