Strangers stalking Pastor & family, West Bengal

Strangers stalking Pastor & family, West Bengal

This morning, 17 May, 2018, Persecution Relief received a call on its Toll-Free Number 1800-1234-461. Pastor Priyaranjan  was calling from South Twenty-Four Parganas, West Bengal. 

Pastor claims that he and his family members have been alarmed and troubled by a group of threatening strangers,who have been watching their every movement and sometimes, following him in their car or motor bikes. These menacing men, openly use their mobile phones to record his movements and to photograph his families movements – in an open attempt to intimidate them.

Initially, Pastor dismissed these sightings as random or coincidental but seeing the consistent occurrence over the last 1 year, he is convinced that he is being watched. The unidentified men (around 6 men), appear well dressed and travel in cars or a motor bike. Even though the persons who “stalk” the Pastor keep changing, their activities remain the same. Although no verbal dialogue has taken place, their constant and repeated presence, is harassing and very disturbing.

“I am very sure that they are doing their best to provoke me to a conversation or confrontation which I am not willing to engage in. I have never conceived that this could happen to us as we are peace loving people and to our knowledge have no enemies”.

In 2009, Pastor Priyaranjan started a School which has a strength of around 75 students – from Kindergarten until Primary Standard Four and a Church, which is also run by Pastor has around 25 – 30 members congregating every Sunday.

Children are being dropped off and picked up at the school, and members keep visiting the Church every day. With the stream of traffic, Pastor expressed concern about the safety of innocent children and the church members.

Pastor lives with his wife and 2 daughters, who have been very disturbed and uneasy with these happenings.

As he woke up this morning, with this disturbing thought of being watched, Pastor said that he was inspired in his spirit to call Persecution Relief.

Founder, Bro. Shibu Thomas, Counselled and prayed with Pastor Priyaranjan assuring of all possible support.

“The angel of the Lord encamps all around those who fear Him, and delivers them”- Psalm 34: 7

Church, please remember to pray for the safety of Pastor Priyaranjan, his family, his school children and teachers; and for the members of his congregation.

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