Steel Barrel of gun pressed to Pastor’s head, Uttar Pradesh

Steel Barrel of gun pressed to Pastor’s head, Uttar Pradesh

*Disclaimer: Names, places and identifying details have been changed to protect the safety of individuals.

Far from finding faith and repentance as a result of preaching the word of God, Pastor Sunil *(name changed to protect identity), met with threats to his life.

An ordained Pastor with Assemblies of God (AG), Pastor Sunil* has been ministering at a District of Uttar Pradesh for the past 16 years.

On the 4th of August 2018, Pastor had visited a believer’s home. After prayer, at around 7.00 pm, just as he was approaching the Main Road on his Jupiter TVS scooter, a mob of religious fanatics who were lying in wait, way laid Pastor.   There were around a dozen people, armed with guns. In this extra-ordinary life-threatening situation, 4 guns were pointed at him, threatening to kill him because he was a Christian.

The fanatics verbally assaulted and continually threatened Pastor, falsely accusing him of indulging in conversion activities, feeding meat to Hindus and manipulating Hindus to forsake their idols. In the midst of such fear-inducing tactics, intense terror, oppression and mental torture, one fanatic pulled out a gun and held it to Pastor’s head.

As the steel barrel of the gun pressed into Pastor’s head, the passionate and frenzied captors began shouting and chanting:

“Shoot him, Shoot him”

As men held his arms behind his back, this harrowing mental torture and psychological brush with death continued for nearly 4 hours.

His captors were annoyed and mystified by Pastor’s calm and strength, in spite of the violent intimidation. Finally, the fanatics took his Scooter to be burned but later brought it back. They stole his VIVO 5 mobile phone and cash of Rs. 550/-, and released him.

By the grace and mercy of God, Pastor drove around 12 kms and finally reached home. Only as he got home and the motor of the scooter seized, did he realize that the engine oil had been drained off.

When asked if he was scared for his life when the gun was pointed to his head, speaking to Persecution Relief Pastor said:

“I had great peace in my heart. I was not fearful as the Lord had given me a promise that he will make me prosper in this place for the glory of God. Besides, I have Jesus Christ as my example who endured even greater brutality, unto death”.

“Do not fear those who kill the body, but cannot kill the soul. Fear him who can cast soul and body into hell.” Mathew 10:28

Earlier, Pastor Rajesh who was working under Pastor Sunil* in Gaddipur village area, was brutally beaten by religious fanatics, who broke his hand and mentally tortured him. Eventually, he was forced to leave the place and is now ministering in Mumbai.

Picking up where Pastor Rajesh left off, Pastor Sunil* continues to face several challenges.  In spite of the setbacks, Pastor has led hundreds of people seeking for the truth to Jesus Christ. He firmly believes that Christians have a responsibility to show the world, to even those who do harm against us, the true light and love of Jesus.

Church, praise God for the deliverance of Pastor Sunil*. May his life and testimony draw his persecutors to the confidence and faith he displayed, in Jesus Christ

Church, pray for all the new believers who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Many, out of fear of reprisal and pressure from the community, have back-slidden, he claims. Pray that they will continue to be steadfast in their faith.


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