Sr Concelia’s bail plea rejection shocking: Abraham Mathai

Sr Concelia’s bail plea rejection shocking: Abraham Mathai

Wednesday, January 30, 2019
By A Staff Reporter

Hours after the bail plea of Sr Concelia of the Missionaries of Charity was rejected yesterday by the Supreme Court, the Mumbai-based Harmony Foundation led by Dr.Abraham Mathai, former Vice Chairman of the Minorities Commission, has hit at the parochial attitudes of police in the alleged Missionaries of Charity adoption case filed by Jharkhand Police.

In a release the Harmony Foundation stated, “Shockingly, the nun has been incarcerated since July 2018, while perpetrators of heinous crimes and offenses like rape, murder, child molestation, financial impropriety etc, are out on bail in a short period of time. It is unimaginable to accuse a member of an organisation who have devoted their lives to save the downtrodden sections of our society, notably lepers and the marginalised, which our very own society ostracise on many social levels.”

It further stated, “Do the people of our nation know that the government of India permits the charging of Rs 40,000 as fee for an adoption in India and $5,000 for foreign adoption? Despite these rules permitting them to charge, the Missionaries of Charity have not charged a rupee from anyone at any of their adoption centres in the country so far as it goes against their very values and ethos and Sr Concelia too has not contravened this rule. In the present instance, it as the unwed mother and two support staff members, who shared the money from the couple who adopted the child and Sr Concelia was not involved when money exchanged hands. The denial of bail for Sr Concelia today due to the vindictive and malicious prosecution of the Jharkhand State is nothing but a national shame which makes a mockery of our system of governance. This is a very big blot to the conscience of the nation when baseless and false criminal charges were levied in the present instance.”

Dr Mathai said, “India is a signatory to the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 and the myopic and parochial attitudes of the Jharkhand Police, who have framed the charges, negates the stand that our country has taken. It’s high time the nation woke up from its slumber and empathise with Sr Concelia by calling for her immediate release. We cannot afford to have someone who has devoted her life for the service of others find herself deserted by those very people she has tirelessly worked to help.”

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