Sisters & Pastor beaten , Jharkhand

Sisters & Pastor beaten , Jharkhand

In an attempt to coerce the 2 sisters, Sis. Basmati and Sarita Kumari, to renounce Christianity and revert back to their former religion, members of their village and their parents, severely beat the girls and threatened to kill them.

Sisters Basmati and Sarita Kumari, were eagerly looked forward to spending time at home after staying away in the city of Delhi for work. The journey back home was beautiful. Home food after so long was inviting more than ever. 

As the family relaxed after the initial euphoria of the family reunion, the sisters shared the good news about their new-found devotion – Jesus Christ.

This drove a wedge between the parents and their children. As tensions mounted, discussions gave way to arguments, that the heart-broken parents, reported the matter to the Village Panchayat. The verdict was that they be beaten up publicly, by the parents and the villagers, in order to discourage them to follow the faith.

As the senseless and merciless beating started, the heaven’s opened up. In a seemingly symbolic sign, heavy rain poured down, with thunder and lightning. With this diversion, the girls escaped in the midst of the downpour.

They found their way to their Uncle, Pastor Anup Padhan’s [IPC-NR] residence, their biological father’s brother and stayed the night there. However, the villagers tracked them down the following day and the episode quickly escalated from there, into another wave of beatings. The unforgiving mob forcibly took the injured Pastor and 2 sisters to the Police Station, in Simdega city in Jharkhand State.

Pr Samuel Thomas & Pr P.S.Mathaikutty called Persecution Relief to narrate this incident, seeking guidance and relief.

Persecution Relief, spoke to the PoliceOfficer in charge, Mr. R P Singh, and explained the situation. Mr. Singh was extremely supportive and through his intervention as well as the support of the Local Church Leaders, Pastor and the 2 sisters were released at 3.00 pm.

Church pray for these 2 Sisters & Pastor, that God’s grace will turn this painful situation into a wonderful blessing.

Pray that they would not give up their faith, but continue to pray, to hope, to love and release their parents to God.

If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men.” (Rom. 12:18 NKJV), says God’s Word.

God loves us and will continue to work out his plan and purpose in our families.

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