Sisters brutally beaten for attending Church service, West Bengal

Sisters brutally beaten for attending Church service, West Bengal

After Sunday Worship on 14th June 2019, Sisters Rita Bauri and Paruli, were returning home. Suddenly, without warning or provocation, they were surrounded by the local villagers and religious fanatics, who physically assaulted and brutally beat them, shouting abuses and threats at them, asking them to forsake Jesus Christ.

Sisters Paruli and Rita Bauri

Speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Tapan Ghosh of Big Life Ministries, Chatiranganj village, Lalganj, Paschim Bardhaman district of West Bengal, informed about this incident. He added that just after he learnt that Sisters Rita Bauri and Paruli were beaten, a few more believers reported that they were also beaten up on their way home, after the Church Service.

Sis. Rita, speaking to Persecution Relief, recalled how she was surrounded by a mob of men, armed with lathis and axes, who brutally beat her. Her sister Paruli was not spared either. She was struck by an axe on her head and was rushed to local government hospital with injuries and was admitted. 

“My family and I have been harassed, discriminated and threatened for a long time, in the past months.  We are firm in our belief. We will not follow any other gods.”

The fanatics have given the sisters an ultimatum, warning them that if they did not stop praying to Jesus Christ or worshiping or using musical instruments, they would face dire consequences.

Several Christian families living in the village, have been facing discrimination from other villagers. They have been under unimaginable pressure making daily life very difficult, coercing them to come back to their original faith.

Church, pray for Big Life Ministries, for the Pastor and the believers to stand strong during such opposition. Pray specially for Sisters Rita Bauri and Paruli and their safety.

Pray for the opposers to know the love of Jesus Christ, the true work of the gospel and to be touched and transformed.

Pray for the church to continue to be a powerful and effective witness to the gospel.

The State of West Bengal has recently witnessed intense communal violence and attacks on communal harmony, polarizing the once peaceful societies.

In 2018, Persecution Relief had recorded 477 incidents of hate crime; 7 incidents of religious persecution against Christians in West Bengal.

In 2019, this is the 10th hate-crime recorded against Christians in West Bengal, in just the past 6 months.



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