Sindhi’s are becoming Christians in Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra

Sindhi’s are becoming Christians in Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra

A Newspaper launched by Shri Bal Thackeray 

Ulhasnagar is a town located in Thane district of Maharashtra state, in Konkan division, located about 55 km from Mumbai CST.

Hindus have become soft targets for people who are indulging in conversion activities. All over India, Hindus are being converted to Christians or Muslims.

We can now see this trend in Mumbai too. In Ulhasnagar, Thane District, it is shocking to see Sindhi’s (Sindhi’s are an Indo-Aryan ethno-linguistic group who speak the Sindhi language) who were basically Hindus, getting converted to Christianity, in very large numbers and at an alarming pace.

We have received information that in the last 56 years, around 30,000 Sindhi’s have been converted to Christianity, without the knowledge of anybody, as they do it secretly.

There is not a single Church in that area. Apparently, they assemble in people’s houses. More than 50-house Churches are active and they gather every Sunday to pray.

The local Sindhi’s who are Hindus are very angry and want all ties with Christian Sindhi’s to be broken and for them to be removed from the community.

They claimed that when India’s partition happened, because the Sindhi’s refused to become Muslims, they left Sind in Pakistan and came back to India to practice, follow and save their Hindu religion.

Everything was fine but lately Christian Missionaries have trapped and converted them. As their names have not been changed, one cannot really identify whether they are Christians or not.

Social Worker, Hardas Tarwani stated that because they have not changed their names, it is a very dangerous situation. These Sindhi’s who have become Christians, are getting their children married to Hindu Sindhi’s, which will only end in a disaster.

Tarwani gave the example of a Hindu Sindhi girl who got married to a Christian Sindhi boy. They took the girl abroad and made her “Christian food” and she died!

Some Sindhi Christians who have died, were still being brought to be cremated according to Hindu tradition.

A member of Brahmin Samaj, Hero Botha said that recently in Camp No 3, a youth had died. When the Brahmins came to know about their faith, they refused to perform the cremation.

Akhil Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha’s Ulhasnagar President,Bacharam Rupchandani supported that the Sindhi’s who have become Christians, should be excommunicated from the community.

Sindhi Counsel Head Suresh Rupchand & Prakash Panjwani stated we that a list of all such Sindhi Christians should be made public so that they do not continue to deceive anybody. 

It was also suggested that “Ghar Wapsi” be undertaken or ex-communication of all converts from the communityshould be done.

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