Shock and Horror as knife wielding thugs attack Sunday worship service, Maharashtra

Shock and Horror as knife wielding thugs attack Sunday worship service, Maharashtra

Br Santosh Bagdhe

Masked religious fanatics entered a Church with knives, empty bottles and large stones, during worship service and brutally attacked the congregation on Sunday 23rdDecember.

Pastor Anil Bhosale has been ministering with New Life Fellowship Church, in Kowad, Taluk Chandgad of Kolhapur district, Maharashtra for the past 21 years. He is also in-charge of the Church.

Speaking to Persecution Relief, he briefed about the attack that took place in broad day light, which left several injured and many in a state of shock.

Pastor Bhimsen Chauhan, Asst. Pastor, was ministeringon Sunday. Around 200 members had congregated – the usual number of people had not come in this day.

Worship service had commenced at 11.00 am, while the fanatics struck around 11.45 am.

A mob of around 20, wearing a cloth scarf to mask their face, excepting for their eyes, suddenly stormed into the Church. Shouting slogans, they started throwing stones, empty liquor bottles, and beating people with sharp instruments.

Terrified and taken aback by the unexpected violent assault, the vicious and ferocious youth, did not spare the women and children too. As some men in the congregation, noticed the attack on the helpless women and children, they ran to protect them from the assaultingmob. However, these noble, courageous men, suffered the brunt of the attack, which left 4 victims (Bro. SantoshBagdhe, Sachin Jadav son of Bro. Vitthan Jadav, ArjunMutekar and Ashok Mane) needing hospitalization at KLE Hospital in Belgaum, which is around 20 Kms from theplace of the incident.

Bro. Santosh Bagdhe was critically injured, with a clot in his brain and needed a surgery. By the grace of God, surgery was done at 1.30 am and he is now recuperating.

“To see so many men wielding knives, openly with impunity, attacking innocent people who are worshipping God, was very disturbing.

Over a dozen people suffered head injuries and deep wounds to their shoulder and hands while needed medical treatment at the Hospital.

Persecution Relief arranged for immediate financial assistance to help with the transport and hospitalization, medical treatment of the Church members.

The knife-weilding thugs, who had come on motor bikes, absconded before the Police could arrive.

Police have lodged a complaint and looking out for these armed fanatics, who invaded and attacked a Sunday worship service in broad daylight, injuring scores of people.

At the time of the article going to Press, 2 persons have been arrested so far. Police are investigating.

Church pray for the speedy recovery of all the injured members, especially Bro. Santosh Bagdhe, who underwent surgery.

Pray for the financial needs suffered by the Church and congregation members, by this unexpected, inhuman, senseless violence.

Pray for the attackers to be deeply convicted and know no rest until they repent and come to the feet of Jesus Christ.

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