Renaming of Brough Road: plea to revoke announcement

Renaming of Brough Road: plea to revoke announcement

Brough Road at Panneerselvam Park in Erode.M.GOVARTHANM_GOVARTHAN

Chief Minister’s announcement of renaming Brough Road as Meenakshi Sundaranar Road here on Thursday has not gone well with people of Christian community who wanted the announcement to be withdrawn.

Members of the community has resented to the hasty renaming of Brough Road that was named in memory of a missionary Rev. Anthony Watson Brough (1861-1936) from New South Wales in Australia who arrived at Erode in 1897.

S. Prasath Jill, a member of the community, said that he served as a nominated member at the Erode Municipality and was involved in social services.

He started a hospital in 1912 for Muslim women, who, in those days, were afraid to come out to get treatment in public hospitals.

Mohan Doss, a retired railway employee, said Mr. Brough opened a hospital at Chennimalai for the poor in memory of his son Herbert William Brough who died in World War 1 at the age of 25. Both these hospitals continued to function even today, he added.

He also started 94 schools in and around Erode for poor students. He built the CSI Brough Memorial Church resembling a mosque in Indo-Saracenic architecture on Brough road. He also collected over 30 rare and priceless artefacts during his stay in Erode, and his family gave them to Chennai Museum in 2000.

J. Barnabas, general secretary of Salem Historical Society, said the sentiments of the public with regard to the history and culture should be respected, and wanted the renaming to be withdrawn.

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