Religious minority allegedly faces persecution at Itam Nungoi village, Manipur

Religious minority allegedly faces persecution at Itam Nungoi village

IFP Bureau | Updated: Nov 24, 2019, 02:09 GMT-0530

Itam Nungoi Village Development Committee, Yorabung Imphal East, has reportedly notified its Christian villagers to give up its religion within a month and allegedly banished a few Christians from the village.

As per a general body meeting held on November 15, by the committee and villagers, a resolution was taken against 11 people including their families, to banish them from the village. A copy of the said resolution is with the Imphal Free Press.

The resolution mentioned that those people who are banished from the village are not allowed to use the playground and pond water of the village. It was also resolved that they are not allowed to purchase things from shops and pharmacies.

They are removed from the local aid system (Singlup in Manipuri), the children of the expel families are not allowed to study at the village school from next year, it stated. The resolution further stated that villagers are not allowed to involve in any kind of ceremonies held in the village. Anyone from the village who goes against the committee’s resolution will have the same fate, it added. The committee said its decision is for the unity and prosperity of the village.

It may also be mentioned that on October 12, 2019, the committee held a meeting with the elders of the village and took a resolution which mentioned that anyone from Itam Nungoi villagers is not allowed to follow other religions except Meitei/Meetei religion.

Anyone who follows other religions like Islam, Christians, Buddhism, etc., are not allowed to stay in the village, and they will be banished. Those who are staying in the village without holding any land ownership documents should not try to convert the people of the village into any religion, it maintained.

Further, the committee stated that any other person from a different religion is not allowed to stay inside the village without the committee’s permission. If a person wants to stay in the village then, an authorised paper from the previous village stating about the non-involvement of crimes or any other unlawful activities should be included. All such resolution is for peace, harmony, unity, and prosperity of the village, the resolution mentioned.

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