Religious fundamentalists mob disrupts Sunday Worship service, Madhya Pradesh

Religious fundamentalists mob disrupts Sunday Worship service, Madhya Pradesh

Several unidentified religious fundamentalists, stormed into a Church during Sunday Worship Service, disrupting and assaulting the congregation.

Deacon, Father Indrapal Saket, is a minister with Believer’s Church since 2007, at Mangawan town, in Rewa district, Madhya Pradesh. Sunday Worship started as usual at 9.30 am with around 300 believers, who had assembled at the open verandah of a School Campus, owned by a Brahmin family.

During prayer time, a few fanatics walked into the Campus, on the side where the ladies were seated, and started raising religious slogans, demanding that the congregation join them in the chanting. When they refused to join them, the fundamentalists then proceeded to threaten Father Indrapal, and the Christians warning them to stop gathering for prayers, and created a general commotion.

Police at Mangawan Police Station, proximal to the School, were alerted and arrived immediately. Instead of taking action against the perpetrators of attack, the police took away Father Indrapal and his wife to the Police Station for interrogation, as the fanatics accused them of being involved in religious conversions, a charge often leveled against Christians to target them.

As the large agitating mob of religious fanatics followed them, the situation outside the Police Station was still hostile. However, more than 200 Believers also reached the Police Station.

Pastor Kamlesh Rewa and Bro. Amit Patel Sewa Bharat who had gone to the Police Station to inquire into the matter and help with the release Father Saket, were accosted by the religious fundamentalists. Tensions remained high for several hours and it was only the grace of God and prayers, that the Police managed the situation and rescued them from further harm. Father Saket and his wife were eventually released. No persons who perpetrated the attack were arrested or detained.

Later, speaking to Persecution Relief, Pastor Kamlesh, a Leader of Believer’s Church called to alert and update about the situation. Father Saket denied any attempt at religious conversion. He was very concerned at the attack but he thanked the owner of the school for offering the premises for Prayers. He requested prayers for all the believers of the Church to stand strong, as they endure this traumatic experience.

Sunday Worship services are being targeted across India by religious fanatics’ mobs, who attack without fear and impunity. They gatecrash into Churches, with scant regard for the sanctity of the place, abusing the name of Jesus Christ, molesting women, beating men, abusing, destroying the Holy Bible and other Christian literature and resorting to physical violence to intimidate and terrorize the congregation and the Priest.

State and Central governments need to take cognizance of this menace, to address it at the earliest. In the meantime, Police security must be provided to the Christian community, who congregate to worship every Sunday.

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