Religious fundamentalists illegally gate-crash Sunday worship service, Tamil Nadu

Religious fundamentalists illegally gate-crash Sunday worship service, Tamil Nadu

Evangelist C.J.Zeba has been assisting Pastor Shaiju as the “Church Jesus Miracle Church”, located at Alancholai, Kanyakumari District in the state of Tamil Nadu. This Church has been congregating for the last 12 years.

On Saturday, 9th of December, some unidentified religious fundamentalists visited the Church and warned of dire consequences if Sunday worship service was going to be held.

However, after much prayer and fasting, people gathered on Sunday, 10th December, for the usual worship service. At around 8.00 am, a mob of fanatics came and began protesting squatting at the gate of the Church. Around 200 believers who regularly gather were obstructed from entering the Church and being chased away. As the Church is situated on the main road, these fanatics also blocked the traffic creating a huge inconvenience to the public. Soon, the Police reached the spot and began their investigation.

The fanatics demanded that the worship service be stopped. The Police asked the Pastor and the Evangelist to stop the worship service to which they objected. The Church is build on a private land, owned by the Church and in no way causing any disruption or hindrance to the Public.

Then 4 of the radicals entered the sanctuary of the Church during the worship service and disrupted it by raising slogans saying ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai”, and shouting abuses at the Christians, while the Police stood as mute spectators.  The frightened Christians were told to renounce Christianity and to forget about Jesus.

70 believers were taken to the Police Station, including women and children. Since EvangelistZeba who the most vocal and voicedopinions on behalf of the Church members, he was targeted by the Police. A complaint was filed against him. These fundamentalists also arrived at the Police station and began raising slogans, demanding that the Christians be arrested and detained at the Police Station.

In the evening, the Police gave them shelter in a marriage hall and locked them in, fearing for their safety, as the fundamentalists had surrounded the place. Around evening, the Christians were later released without charges.

Tamil Nadu is ruled by the AIADMK that supports and Bharatiya Janata Party, Hindu extremist Sangh Parivar, who are apparently responsible for this anti-Christian violence.

No formal complaint has been registered against the attackers by the Police.



Police investigating with Church members


Evng. Zeba injured


Evng. Zeba being taken to Police Station

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  1. how come no miracle worked for the miracle church.. ? why take him to hospital .. let the miraculous godly entity fix his broken ribs

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